Tuesday, December 6, 2011

My hair.

I know my face is still really round, but that is because I am chubby, not weird looking from chemo. I am excited to say that I have finally knocked off 10 pounds though and I hope to continue on the downward spiral to a healthy weight.

I must love you because I thought I would actually let you see my chubby face and my hair... not just that hair line. It is coming it really well.

I always think of the lady who I was talking to in Kelowna who said that she shaved her head at Thanksgiving and she expected it back by Christmas. She said it is thick and grows fast... well, so does mine and I only now have full coverage in the front and the back. I would love to see where she is at. Maybe it will come in quicker because she is on a different type of chemo and she wasn't on it as long as I was. My wish for her is that she will have a head full of sprouts if not more by Christmas. Oh the small pleasures of life.


  1. Wow! Your hair is coming in fast! That is awesome! And like so many have mentioned before, think of all the cute styles you can experiment with while you're growing it!! I know you'll look beautiful in any style!