Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Doin' fine.

Today I had another regular check up. All seemed to go well and that is just fine with me. I have given little thought to the small area on my CT scan and I am really just trying to live in the moment...

This moment consists of a dirty house, laundry running, a half naked child on the kitchen table (don't worry I'll clean it... and he has pants on so it's not the completely gross end)playing with a quarter and Superman, two kids playing two very different songs on the guitar and singing just as loudly as they are playing. What it tells me - I am a Mom. This is my life. They are crazy and they are mine. I love them and I can't imagine my life without them.... not for one second. They (right now) are my fairytale come true. They are real, beautiful and unique.

And P.S. I still have my "friend" visitng... three weeks. Enough is enough. I didn't just have a baby so I should be spared the ongoing attention that is needed. We know everything is working ok so it can stop anytime now.

Friday, February 17, 2012


Hi, yes... I am once again a 14 year old girl who got her "cycle" back!!! YAY!!! As much as it sucks, it is nice to know that my body is getting back to it's normal self... or should I say, a new normal.

I couldn't figure out why my skin looked like I had pasted Crisco all over it and prayed I wouldn't get a zit.... Couldn't figure out why I was a total psycho-hose-beast to anyone in my line of vision... Couldn't figure out why I was almost desperate enough to lick out the Nutulla container. Luckily, my body did it for me. Not to excuse my behavior, but I just didn't feel like me. Now I know why. And I guess we are one step closer to being "normal". Even though any of you who know me know that Geneva and Normal don't go in the same sentence... ever.

How are you?

I guess I maybe haven't included how I am doing these days... people keep asking me which leads me to believe I haven't told you! I am honestly doing really well. I feel really great and I have started to work out again which I missed horribly. I am doing a 10K run the second weekend of March so I have been busting my rear trying to get ready for that. It just feels so good to have sore muscles again and know that I am working my body and trying to get it back. I promise to myself that I will always take care of it from now on and never let it "go" again. We only get one!

So having said that, doesn't mean that I don't get tired. I find that I am pretty tired most days, but I wouldn't give up my work out for it! I just have a nap in the afternoon and I am good to go.

My left side has really been giving me a lot of trouble with pulling pain and such so I am going to try physio and see how that goes. It just feels like I am "stuck" all the time to myself. Gross, I know.