Friday, February 17, 2012


Hi, yes... I am once again a 14 year old girl who got her "cycle" back!!! YAY!!! As much as it sucks, it is nice to know that my body is getting back to it's normal self... or should I say, a new normal.

I couldn't figure out why my skin looked like I had pasted Crisco all over it and prayed I wouldn't get a zit.... Couldn't figure out why I was a total psycho-hose-beast to anyone in my line of vision... Couldn't figure out why I was almost desperate enough to lick out the Nutulla container. Luckily, my body did it for me. Not to excuse my behavior, but I just didn't feel like me. Now I know why. And I guess we are one step closer to being "normal". Even though any of you who know me know that Geneva and Normal don't go in the same sentence... ever.

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