Friday, February 17, 2012

How are you?

I guess I maybe haven't included how I am doing these days... people keep asking me which leads me to believe I haven't told you! I am honestly doing really well. I feel really great and I have started to work out again which I missed horribly. I am doing a 10K run the second weekend of March so I have been busting my rear trying to get ready for that. It just feels so good to have sore muscles again and know that I am working my body and trying to get it back. I promise to myself that I will always take care of it from now on and never let it "go" again. We only get one!

So having said that, doesn't mean that I don't get tired. I find that I am pretty tired most days, but I wouldn't give up my work out for it! I just have a nap in the afternoon and I am good to go.

My left side has really been giving me a lot of trouble with pulling pain and such so I am going to try physio and see how that goes. It just feels like I am "stuck" all the time to myself. Gross, I know.


  1. You are amazing, so glad to hear you are feeling much better and you can kick my arse on a treadmill! Love ya

  2. Seriously, a 10k? I'm impressed. Talk about being a motivator Geneva! I've gotta get out of the kitchen and follow you on the runs!

  3. You probably don't remember me, I was your Merry Miss teacher about 18 years ago....yup now I feel old.
    I just wanted to say hearing you are back to the gym has given me the kick in the rear I needed to get there too. You were a stand out kid back in the day, I'm thrilled to see that time and life hasn't changed that!