Thursday, March 31, 2011

Collecting stickers.

Again, today was busy. I was at the Hospital by 8:30am to get ready for the MRI. I read and read and read, and read. I was ready, but they weren't. Apparently there was a soul who needed a little reassurance and some hand holding had to happen for that particular individual. I knew I was in good hands...

I laid in quite an awkward position for 1 hour and was told not to move. With all the noise, quite music in the headphones, and freezing cold air, I still managed to fall asleep and twitch myself awake a few times. Then I would instantly worry about if I twitched too much and they would have to do it over again. They didn't, they images apparently turned out pretty good.

After finishing up there I raced home and had some soup that my Momma made me and had a 30 minute power nap. I was completely exhausted and really needed it. When I woke up, I put on my face (as I wasn't allowed for the MRI, not even deodorant, hairspray or anything) and ran out the door for my Mammogram.

WOW! That was fun! Something that I have obviously never experienced before. First of all I went into the room and spoke with the nurse or technician. She was really sweet. Then I took my shirts off in front of her. That felt a bit odd, usually you change somewhere else into a gown and then throw caution to the wind. Not this appt! LOL While I was trying to casually talk to her she was peeling little stickers off of a sheet. A moment later they were placed on my nickles and I was ready to go.

I LOVED collecting stickers when I was a child. We used to spend hours trading them, counting them, organizing them, and buying them. These stickers are unique however. They have a bebe on the end of them so they know where your nipple is for measurement purposes, as it is hard to tell that with how the tissue shows up. Neat, I felt like a chubby Vegas show girl, who was half hanging out. (The sticker doesn't cover EVERYTHING!)
Then I was introduced to the pancake maker... It was almost like a.... I don't know what, torturous device... Not that bad actually. But it did hurt when they squished my boob with the tumor. It is still sore. But I did come out of the whole experience virtually unscathed, with a little less dignity and a few more people to add to who has seen my boobings so far. That at least made me smile. :)


  1. Oh make me laugh. And not the "oh isn't she special" kind of laugh...the wipe the tears from my eyes, you're so dang funny laugh!

  2. Isn't that wonderful that you got to keep the stickers? The start of a new collection!!!

  3. What's the number of "sightings" up to now?? 7 ?? I LOVE your sense of humour and that it's still with you during your ordeal. Your stickers are so purdy!! Nice spring colours. So nice to hear that your rug rats are keeping parts of your days normal. Hold onto that!! Things are going to get worse before they get better......but, they WILL get better!!!! I feel it in my heart!! Take care, Kiddo!!
    Love, Linda xoxo <3