Thursday, October 13, 2011

Check your ta-ta's month!

Well in honor of this being Breast Cancer Awareness Month, I decided I wanted to make a cute cake for the amazing staff at "The Beach". I thought this was perfect because I could make a cake and not have to eat it all because I feel bad that it is going bad on the counter.

Some of the sweet staff... not all of them... they are so great at making you feel alright about what you are going though. They are so attentive, answer any questions and treat you with such respect. Special, special people!

It was a pumpkin spice cake on the top and bottom and a vanilla sponge in the middle. Bavarian cream filled the insides and it was covered in cream cheese icing. Hope it was good!!


  1. You posted something on Facebook a couple weeks ago about Breast Cancer Awareness month and it really got me thinking. I convinced our RS to have an RN who specializes in women's health come in last night and teach us all about the importance of self breast exams, mammograms, and paps. It was great! She showed us how to do it and gave lots of great facts. Thanks for inspiring me!!! Good luck up there! Love ya!

  2. awwww g i love your blog , i sorta wished i had kept one . but sorta glad i didn't too. but i admire your courage to do so . And yes i still have my cabin tan marks but they fade. so hang in girl you are almost done. And yes the staff is so great amazing people that do such a great job . They are angles of the radiation world . take care of you . lv trina