Sunday, October 30, 2011

Would never do.

There are a few things I thought that I would never do in my life. The list as follows:

- Never go out in public without my make-up on, unless to the Gym which has been a long time.

- Never go out in public without a bra on.

- Never go out in public without a bra on and only one boob.

- Willingly show people my boob/non-boob.

- Avoid people I know out in public so they don't have to see me, or so I don't have to talk. (rude I know and I am NOT like this normally)

- Have skin so dry it literally feels like fruit leather.

- Never thought I wouldn't have eyelashes or brows.

- Never thought I would shave and then WAX!!! my head.

- Didn't think I would ever miss so many days of church (even though I know my relationship with God is more than just a Sunday affair, I really miss being there)

- Make plans (because in the bottom of my heart I am still me and I can do everything) and then cancel because I can't do it.

- And my most favorite, added to this list as of today... wear those mesh panties that you get in the hospital when you have a baby, as a partial tube top (crotch cut out!) and part of my church outfit!!!!!

What has happened to me?? I know what has and I hope that once I am past this "stage" in my life, I will NEVER do these things again!!! ;)

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