Saturday, October 29, 2011

Red Hot.

Well, my armpit is to the "skin is breaking down" stage. But apparently it still looks good. WHAT?? I think it looks like hell so I guess I am lucky compared to others. It hurts most of the time and I can't wear a soft sports bra or anything constricting. I am completely down to my man's tee's. And my fakie is most certainly out of the question.

Mom and I went and saw a nurse the other day because one of the radiation therapists told us to ask for a dressing that we could put on. So when we asked the nurse about it she looked at it and told me it looked dry. I am not supposed to put lotion on 2 hours before the appt because it can act as a bolus, so by the time two hours is up, it is pretty dry. I was a little annoyed because I honestly put lotion on about 8 times a day. She also said that it wasn't cracking or oozing yet so she wasn't sure if I even needed a dressing. Well, Mom and I thought that this was a stupid idea. Why not give us a few things to we could treat it if we needed to. She she finally gave us some different dressings to put on it while we were away from Kelowna this weekend in case something happened. And guess what happened - on the way home in the car it cracked and started oozing. YAY!!!

Last night Ken was putting lotion on for me, ( I STILL hate touching the area, it really grosses me out!) he said we were about at the baby but rash stage. But when the lotion dries out it is like a sick, thick peeling sunburn. On the bright side, I think the front of me is hanging in there!

24 down - 4 to go!

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  1. Yay only 4 more to go! Before you know it you'll be setting up that tree! Love you!
    hugs xoxo