Friday, July 13, 2012

The "Other" Doctor

Ken and I got in to see the other doctor.  What a relief!  We were greeted with a friendly smile and there was absolutely NO tension between Dr and us.  It was so nice. 

Dr explained that they couldn't follow the protocol of Dr. F, but that of course they would follow my care and follow up as I still needed it.  We knew that the "Canadian Cancer Center" wouldn't approve the therapy that I had received in the States, but it was so great to know that this Dr would be there for us anyways.

We discussed a few options of things that we thought needed to happen.  First of all, the head CT.  Ken and I were wanting to get a chest CT at the same time to just get it all over with, but Dr explained to us that we should start in one place and then go from there.  IF something showed up in the head CT then we wouldn't need to do a chest CT because we would already know what it was.  If it was in my brain, then it most certainly would be in my lungs.

Ken still really wants me to do a biopsy, which I do not believe in.  I believe in the Greek test that I had done which did find the cancer cells anyways.  What more do we need to know?  But Ken and Dr (and others) have expressed their opinion that they think I should get one done anyways.  I still don't see the point.  With possible tracking and such, why do it??! 

So the three of us came up with a plan.  If the head CT was clear, then we would do the chest CT.  If the nodule in my chest was bigger then Ken wants me to do the biopsy.  If it is the same size or smaller, then we will just continue on the way we are.  I read in Dr. F's book that sometimes the tumor doesn't go away, but that many people live a long and healthy life with stable disease.  I told Ken that even if it didn't shrink, but stayed the same, that was fine with me for now. 

We were still really worried at the cost of the chemotherapy.  We don't really have another 7 - 10 g's to spend on it, but I just felt that it was so important to finish this therapy that we started... the one I believe in.  It would be like quitting a race just before the finish line.  I wasn't in for that.

I called a pharmacy just below the border to find out the cost of the pills.  After a bit of searching they told me that all I could do was order a whole bottle of them, that was the only way that they would be able to order them in.  The cost would be - are you ready for this??  $273.00.  That was it!  WHAT A BLESSING!!!  I was so happy.  This, was completely affordable.

I called the clinic in Reno and they faxed the prescription up to a town just across the border where I could pick them up.  I finally grabbed them on Tuesday and started them yesterday.  So far so good.  Just the usual chemo bloating going on.  Seriously, I don't know what it is with chemo drugs and filling up like the good year blimp!?  I took one anti-nausea yesterday morning with my first pill (I take them 4x's a day) that was supposed to last 8 hours.  I think it must have because I felt fine all day.  Then I took my 3rd pill at 5 without an anti-nausea, and my 4th pill at 9pm, and was fine all night.  That is not to say I don't feel a little crappy because I do, but so far, it's not too bad.  We'll have to see how the week progresses.  But I am hopeful!!

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