Friday, July 13, 2012

Money, money, money!!

When we were in the States, we had to go to a ATM every few days to take out cash for the treatments I was getting.  Every single time we did, Kate would ask to see the wad of cash and then exclaim, "Holy!  We are rich aren't we?!"  Little did she know it was only $3,000.00 at a time, but in 20's it looked like a lot.

Every single time I would tell her that money doesn't make us rich.  It is what we have as a family in this life and what we all have together is what makes us rich.  Then she would say, "But we're still rich right?!"  It was so cute.

One day when I got "home" from treatment, she busily made something for me while I had a nap and the boys were outside.  When I woke up she handed me this.

"Here Mommy.  I made you this money.  It should be enough to pay for the rest of your treatment.  I can make you more if you need it."

Seriously, I didn't want to let her out of my arms.  It was so sweet and so very special.  It is amazing how intuitive children really are to what is going on around them.  She has no concept of money, but knew we were spending it and she wanted to help.  I am one lucky Mommy.

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  1. So amazing! You have raised them well! Kind and generous!