Thursday, November 15, 2012

Thermo Results are IN!

O.K.  It is hard to tell exactly what is happening right now because this scan is pretty much a baseline scan... being as it is my first.  There are some spots of inflammation in through my glands and such and by my thyroid.  Some of the inflammation in the right side of my thyroid may be due to the lymph node that is an issue.  But the Dr. wasn't very concerned at this point with the findings.  She did suggest that I have some blood work done to see if my thyroid is function properly and also check some other things with blood work. 

As for my lung, I didn't realize that the thermography only read a few mm's into the skin (I was hoping it was deeper).  BUT they can tell by certain patterns that are made on the surface as to what may be happening underneath.  So there really isn't any info on that.

My right breast does have a few areas that need to be watched and the Dr here did suggest that I follow that up with ultrasound.  But again, this is just a baseline so nothing to be freaked out about.  And that, my friends, is the amazing thing about thermography, it can detect a spot that could potentially be a problem, years and years before it ever develops into anything serious.  Also my left chest wall showed hot spots all along my scar, but that can be due to everything that has happened - radiation and surgery.  She said it is very common.

I will see what I can do to get some pic's up on here.  I can't figure it out right now though.

I have sent the info to my Oncologist in Reno and I am sure if  he is alarmed by anything, he will notify me.  Until that time, I am just going to keep on keeping on, doing chemo, eating well and drinking my grass everyday.  I thank you for all your prayers!!!  Really.  And if anything changes I will let you know.

Sorry it's so quick, but I have to make the kids some supper and take my next pill. 

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