Sunday, May 12, 2013

My Mother's Day

I was reading a post on FB this morning and I loved what this momma said.  It is Ken's cousin and they lost a precious baby boy a few years ago.  She had said that for her, Mother's Day is bitter sweet, but that she would focus on the sweet.  So I am choosing to do that too and I have to thank you SP for giving me insight to do the same.  You changed my whole day.  Thank you!

We actually did "Mother's Day" yesterday, which was fine with me.  W and K came rushing into the bedroom with their treasures that they had made for me.  It was so sweet and C was wrapped right up in the excitement - even though the poor little fart didn't know what was going on.

K was the first to give me her gift.  It was a list of the top 10 reasons why my mom is special. Of course it opened the flood gates, especially with the comment that "She fixes my brokin hart." (All i's dotted with hearts.  If they only knew what they did for my broken heart every single day.

She also made me a picture of her, at school, on a piece of wood that said, "Mom.  You captured my heart."  Also a treasure to  me that found the perfect place beside my side of the bed.

My beautiful girl.

W was next, already watching me to see if I was still crying... I cry so much, but I really try not to let them see me when I am in a full blown "what if" cry, that's not fair to them, but they have seen it, so he was watching me closely.  "Mom, why are you crying?" he asked.  "Just because I love you guys so much and you are so very special to me," I replied.

He eagerly handed over his treasures to me.  A beautiful card that made us laugh and cry and a cookie bouquet that he had made in his class at school.  The cookies were iced and said, "I love you Mom."  Again, tear jerker.  I think I kind of broke his heart when I told him that I couldn't eat them all because it was "too much sugar".  He understood.  I did have a bit of one and told him how good it was.  And I was going to offer the kids one but he asked that I didn't and that we save it as a decoration.  I agreed.

W's card for me... we love it!
The flap part and the reason why we chuckled.  For those of you who may not have seen the back of my head, that is exactly what it looks like!  Kids are so honest and just "draw it" like it is.
C felt completely lost in the whole situation but knew that they were giving Mommy stuff, she was hugging W and K and crying so he better get to it and make something for Mommy too.  He darted out of the bedroom for a few minutes and came back in just as I was drying my eyes for the second time.

His beautiful hazel eyes were shining along with his smile as he handed me my gift.  It was Christmas card that was left over and he had put masking tape over the right hand side.  Inside was another card, a cute card that was blank on the inside.  He told me he wrote in it, "This is not from W and K.  TTYL XOX," from a song that often plays on RadioDisney.  Again, the tears came along with a huge hug and then the laughter as we chuckled over his choice of message to me.

C's card for me.  Love that crazy kid!!  Have to.... I'll tell you why in a minute.

My "treasures".

Being as yesterday we did MD, I got to sleep in.  I finally got in the shower around 11am.  As I was getting out I head a commotion in the kitchen.  Something about spray paint and the SUV.  Couldn't be!!  That would not happen in my house. 

Well.  I was DEAD wrong!!!  C had been dabbling a little bit art work done by spray paint for the past few days in the garage.  Ken had left it out since Christmas.  The kids had a spring concert at school and W needed a "wild" shirt so Ken ripped one of his old ones and put a little spray paint on it.  That is where C learned that this color comes out of the cans if you press a button.  The first few days he just tried it on the floor.  And we could smell spray pain in the garage so I decided it would be best to put the cans up and out of reach - not like that would really stop my C.

This particular morning, he decided that his "canvas" would be our SUV.  All I could do was laugh.... Ken, not so much, but he was so good and calm with C.  He did yell a little and then put him in his room "for the rest of the day".  C was worried about starving to death and where he could go to the bathroom.

This is his master piece.

After researching on the internet where the best place to sell you child is - I'M KIDDING!  But seriously, Ken found out non-acetone nail polish remover would work.  He went out and got some and it worked like a charm.  Took it all off.

This morning C kissed K's white duvet with wretched Barbie lipstick on.  That stuff stains faces let alone bedding.  We weren't as successful at getting that out.  Anyways, it was a great weekend and I am so thankful for my husband and my kids.  AND I am excited for next year, when C is prepared and I get more treasures from my babes.

I hope your Mother's Day was great!!


  1. Hi Geneva
    If C ever decides a drop of colour is needed again WD40 or a water displacemnt spray will remove it without any damage as well.
    You have to love creativity in all forms

  2. GooGone works well on fabrics for lipstick. Love you , Geneva