Thursday, July 18, 2013

Funeral Services

Dear Friends and Family: The funeral for Geneva will be held on Saturday July 20th, at 1PM. There will be two viewing sessions for her. One on Friday July 19th at 7 - 9 pm at McPhersons Funeral Services (2200 2nd St. South Cranbrook). The other will be Saturday July 20th at the Church of Jesus Christ of Laterday Saints (2210 2nd street north Cranbrook) from 11am to 12:30pm with the funeral proceeding directly afterwards.

Please pass on this information to those who knew Geneva. Due to the timing of the local paper's printing deadline, we won't be able to get an announcement before Saturday.

Thank you,



  1. My heart is so heavy and full! I just read through your amazing wife's blog the past few days. I'm lds and I found this blog on a lds mom's group. I wish I had something great to say right now. I don't, I'm trying not to snot and cry all over the iPad! Just know that you and your little family are in my prayers! I hope I get to be your wifes friend some day up in heaven. We could make a great comedy routine. Seriously, I admire your whole family. My seven year old niece fought cancer for three long years. The ups and downs are crazy bad. But the love, peace and comfort our Savior offers is so sweet. God bless you and your "little farts!".

  2. I miss you ����������������