Sunday, September 18, 2011

Another Update.

I am so bad at keeping up as of late so I am not sure if I have let you know what is happening with radiation. I had my initial consult in Kelowna this past week. Dad, Mom, C and I went out there together. It was a fun trip.

We met with Dr. M and talked a little. He asked me if I have gained any weight and I asked him if it looked like I did. He laughed. I am sure he noticed! How can you not! Anyways, then I had to have a CT. They do this to set me in the exact position that I will be laying in while I have radiation, from there Dr. M can draw up his plan on how I will be radiated.

Then I was received my second and third tattoo. Don't worry, these are literally two little blue dots on my skin for marking. They alcohol wipe you, put some ink on your skin and then poke it with a pin. Easy. I have one in my old-cleavage-stomping-grounds and one my side under my arm.

I will start my treatments on the 22nd of September and I will have 28 treatments in total. I hope I am done in time for Halloween! I don't want to miss that with my kiddies. PLUS, if I can think of it, I could have a really cool costume this year with my bald head and all... any ideas??


  1. you could be uncle fester from the addams family. that would be awesome! love jen:)

  2. I too hope you are home for halloween, happy to hear you are on end of your treatments so you can get on with life and this will all be in the past. Love you lots, think of you every day, xo xo mel