Wednesday, September 28, 2011

More Changes.

My dates for radiation were changed.... AGAIN for the third time. I actually started radiation on Monday, so I have had two treatments. So far so good. I shouldn't really notice anything until around day 10 - 14. By then it might feel a bit warm to the area.

I got another two tatt's! Again, little blue pinpoints on my skin, now I have 5! I wish I didn't have any...

They are going to radiate me from my sternum to half way around my back, maybe a little bit less than that. And then it will go from about two inches above my belly button but in line with my sternum on my left side and up to my collar bone. I will also have part on my neck radiated because of the lymph nodes that run up there. And also part on my left armpit. That area is a LOT bigger than I thought would be covered... but better to be safe I guess???

They said it will eventually feel like a sunburn and some of the areas MAY open up and ooze. Gross!!!! I hope that this won't be a side affect for me. Anyone else have any info about themselves or people who have gone through this... did this happen to them? I know that everyone is different, but I was just wondering.

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