Thursday, February 21, 2013

Two Baldies in Bed

Well, for once I always hope that the Dr's are going to be wrong.  This time I was hoping that they didn't know what they were talking about and I wouldn't actually loose my hair. 

I got home from Kelowna on Friday the 15th.  We did K's birthday on the Saturday.  That was my highlight and my big to do for the week.  She was excited and so was I... we all were.  We were just getting ready to leave and I had a fluff in my hair so I went to pull it out.  Well, a tuft of hair came with it.  I instantly started to cry.  Ken said, "Babe.  It's ok.  We knew this was going to happen."  I dried my tears, took a deep breath and we headed out.

I left my hair alone for a few days and then asked my girlfriend if she would wax my head... again. Well, my hair easily lint rolled out.  I figured waxing would just result in a big globby mess of hair on a stick so I came up with the great idea of duct tape.  Well, let me tell you, it worked like a charm!!

I'll give you another shot of the back.  I still think it's disgusting but I don't have to look at it so that's ok.
It is healed up nicely apparently.
So to get my complaints in, I still am on the huge dose of Dex.  I feel like my tummy is going to explode because it distends my guts and I swear my cheeks are about to spring up some stretch marks.  They are so tight and hard.  When I smile I literally look like a chipmunk... with a face full of  nuts... like, nuts for two years! 
As much as I hate the way I look right now, I will show you an honest picture of what I look like.  Only because I promised to be honest in this journey.  I honestly like hiding out right now because I don't like the way I look... I am sure you wouldn't either.
I am literally "Fat Boothed" without the freakin' app!  Bet you can't do that!  And I hope you never have  too.  :)
I am getting around much better.  I still get very tired, but that is to be expected.  I have a very short patience rope and I get irritated very easily.  But I feel that I am slowly making progress and that is all I can hope for right now.
I am waiting on finding out when my next MRI is and after that then we will know what steps are next.  Hopefully the light brain rad will have been enough and we'll be able to let it go at that for a while - or forever. 
I still feel really positive and I am not going to let anyone else determine my life for me.  It will be what it will be and I am honestly so thankful for every single day I have and every moment that I get to look into my children's eyes and my husbands... tears... they always come.  As my girlfriend says. "These dang things just keep leaking."
We have to hand over our computer to the computer doc because some pop was spilled on it by some Atwood children so I am not 100% sure when I will blog again.  But I wanted to give you a little update.  Again, so redundant, we love you and are so thankful for you all!

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  1. Geneva you are so beautiful! Im sorry that the doctors were right about this - but heres to hoping they are right about all the healing you will do after these treatments!Maybe its like a 'reborn' kind of thing? Time for a fresh start on a way to new health. P.s. love the easter eggs!