Friday, March 9, 2012

My kids.

Last night at the supper table, we had a lot of laughs. C was being his normal, crazy, head shaking (side to side causing him to loose his balance every time), knee bouncing weirdo.

K was laughing at her own jokes. She said, "Mom and Dad, I am going to tell you a hilarious joke ok. Your really going to laugh really hard. Ok, ok. How many eyes does a cow have?" Then she starts thinking really intently, eyes searching her brain for the perfect statement... "1000!!!" Endless, crazy laughter. Then she told me I have a nipple on my nose. Then Ken stopped us from all laughing because that is not appropriate.

W was trying to tell us a story but I was so intrigued by his little dimples and his missing front tooth that I can't really remember what he was saying. It didn't matter. We were all laughing and enjoying our supper.

Ken was daydreaming, as he often does while we eat... sometimes it is really hard to pull him out of his own little world. He comes too with an eye-popping look of excitement and gingerly laughs at.... wait, he's not sure what we are laughing at.


This morning the kids woke up a little on the hyper side of life as we are going away again this weekend to see cousins and RUN THE RACE!!!! I am just as excited as them to see everyone again. I just feel so completely loved and accepted, no matter what, when we are together.

I finally got the kids off to school and contemplated crawling back into bed and pulling my warm sheet up over my head and dozing off. Just as I was about the head in to our room, I heard the Superman theme song being hummed from the basement, by a sleepy little boy, pulling on his house coat and putting on his slippers. It instantly melted me and we had a good cuddle when he came upstairs.

Have I ever told you how blessed I am??

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