Monday, March 12, 2012

A prayer in our hearts.

These past few days have been one of prayerful thought as we have lost a dear friend to us. My mind is like a lost child in a maze, frantically searching for their way out pausing often to re-group and offer a quick, desperate prayer for guidance. I feel my thoughts are like a fog and as I break into that clear sky I know all will be well, that I am being guided, only to plunge back into the thick of it.

I realize, that not only my life has unexpected path's, but those we love also have sharp corners in their path of this existance. I pray that my feelings come together as I write this post and that I am able to make some sort of sence for you.


It seems it is not going to happen as I have been staring at this computer screen for over an hour.

Please pray for our beautiful friend Lara Hall and their 4 sweet little ones at this time. Also pray for Steve's family who is also suffering this tragic loss just as deeply.

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