Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Prepping for the 10K

Well, the "big" day is almost here. I am excited and nervous all rolled into one. I have been prepping for this run since the beginning of January. I NEVER thought I would be ready in time, and I still don't think I am ready, but I am at the end of my training schedule and I am out of time. So even if I am the last one up the hill at the end, I will finish. No matter what.

Days when I had a hard time I told myself, "Ummmmm, you did surgery. You did Chemo. You did Radiation. You can darn well do this. You got this. This is easy compared to this past year. Keep it up, you're almost there." It must have worked because when I really, REALLY didn't feel like running, I still found the time and motivation (even if it came from so deep, like, down by my toe nails) to have that time for me.

I have watched every Superhero movie several, several times with my baby C, as I plugged along and he sat on the couch. I know it was just watching TV, but I was glad we were in the same room and I got to watch him. He's such a sweetie when he wants to be by opening my water bottle and making sure that I wasn't alone.

I have been able to watch my kids play games together - tag, hide and seek and Xbox. They have played with their toys and their dress up clothes. I have laughed while the dog escapes all sorts of tents, forts and blanket wrap-ups just as the kids capture him and start all over again. All the while, I was keeping pace. Maybe not fast, but still going. And I was just so thankful to be able to BE THERE with them. They make me smile and drive me nuts all in the same breath. But I am sure your kids did/do that too...

So I will let you know how I did when I get home. Unless of course I am the last one up the hill... I might not be home yet.

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