Tuesday, March 27, 2012

One Year Anniversary

Although the date has come and gone, I have done a LOT of reflecting.

In just one year we received the most devastating blow I hope to encounter in my lifetime. I have run the gamut of many emotions, many, many times. I have endured surgeries (all two of them, in my whole life), chemotherapy and radiation. I have lost everything that I defined myself by, except one boob and the nether-regions. I gained more weight.

I gained more self worth. I gained a stronger testimony of my Father in Heaven and his love for me. I gained more appreciation for the trials that others have to face. I gained a deeper love for my husband, children, family and friends than I could ever express. This life is so precious and such a beautiful blessing.

I learned that I can do anything, and I mean anything. I learned that people who love you will do anything for you. I learned that people who don't know you, would give anything to ease the burden or pain you are feeling. I learned the true and honest meaning of charity. I learned that prayer is the most powerful tool available to us.

I have been blessed. I have been loved. I have been carried and strengthened. I have not been forgotten and I have felt His power many times.

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