Friday, August 12, 2011

The bare bones.

We all like to look our best. We all like to feel our best. And we usually try and present our best to the world who views us. Because I want to be so open and so honest about this journey, I have decided to show you what I truly look like right now. I am embarrassed to show you, but this is who I try to hide everyday.

It is a far cry from the girl with the long hair in her first chemo picture... even the girl who sported her new short do! This girl is sad, and sore and you'll see why she has a hard time finding herself in there.

I don't know if I can wear makeup anymore, it honestly hurts my skin so much. My eyes are so sore and red, and the dry skin around my mouth makes it hard to smile sometimes. It literally feels like my face is going to crack.

My face has never been so round in my life, even when I gained 60 pounds with my first babe, it looked very different from this face. The lower half of my face was fuller, not through my cheek bones and such.

Oh well, just a bit longer...


  1. I love you, and you're right, just a bit longer, hang in there lady. XOXO

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  3. I still see Geneva in there . AAAAAAnnnnnnd you are almost done . YEAh!!!! WE ARE TEAM GENEVA AND ARE CHEERING YOU ON FROM THE SIDE LINES . AS WELL AS ANGELS. GO G .... LV T :) Hang in there girl :)

  4. G! love you so much and big hugs!!! you are doing sooo awesome, lots of love your way babe!!!!

  5. Geneva, I still see you in there as well. Just a little further and you will be done and the true healing can begin. Hang in there baby!!!!
    Love, Linda xoxoxo <3

  6. God Bless you Geneva! I have been where you are and I can tell you without hesitation that you WILL find life and beauty on the other side. You are a courageous, strong and beautiful woman (YES!! Believe it!) and this detour doesn't change any of that! Fix an image in your mind of your future (supportive husband, great kids, a head full of hair, etc.) and think of it when you feel sad. This won't last forever, I promise. Thanks for sharing your amazing journey.

  7. I still see the beautiful, strong, inspirational woman I've known since she was a strong, beautiful, inspirational girl of 10 :-)
    We all love you and think of you often!
    xoxo Allison

  8. You don't know me, but I just wanted to tell you how brave and wonderful I think you are. When I was in Elementary school my best friend was diagnosed with Leukaemia, she did great through it. She was beautiful then and is beautiful today and so are you. Even though I have never met you your spirit shines through your posts and you are blessing so many lives. So thank you for your bravery and your fight.