Saturday, January 7, 2012

The Hospital

The cold air snapped me back into reality as I exited the hospital this morning. I have had 2 appointments in the last two days. I used to dread hospitals... the only bright spot in them was the birth of my babies... that was all the joy that they ever brought. They were a place were sickness and death were always looming around the corner. I hated them.

Now I see them a wee bit differently. They are a place of healing and helping and love. They are a place of comfort and care. They are a place of relief, rest and peace. They are filled with people who love others and who's concern for them, far exceeds that of which I think I could ever posses.

Within the walls there are answers to questions - good and bad. Knowledge in abundance. Life saving skills that are available to all.

I am thankful for the doctor's and nurses who I have come in contact with. I am thankful that they took me seriously and figured out what needed to happen and how. I am thankful for modern medicine which has given me more time than if I was left alone.

I look at the hospital as a place of hope. I want to be able to help there one day, even if there is barf! ;) Even if it is just in the chemo room. I hope I can give someone comfort and a shoulder to cry on. Let them know they are never alone and that it will all work out in the end... whenever that might be.

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