Thursday, January 5, 2012

Where have you been?

I have, once again, been MIA. It has honestly been really nice to be home and back to life as usual (well mostly usual... pretty usual for what is usual for us through this past year). Interpretation - I have been busy at home doing things that I used to do and it rocks!!! (I still wish Mrs. Poppins would come and clean my house up and give me a spoon full of sugar)

I had a break down on the way to see family for New Years. But I was driving by myself, following Ken and the kids, so I just cried it out, prayed and felt good by the time we arrived. I swear I need to let it all go every few weeks. It's weird.

So now I am feeling happy. I am excited for the new year and all that I want to accomplish in it. I am thankful for last year and what it taught me and how it changed me. I am SO grateful for the new perspective that I have on life (most moments - don't get me wrong, I am still a firecracker waiting to go off. I am a normal person just like you who gets frustrated and annoyed) and the ability that I have to just let some things go. I really find that a lot easier. There isn't time to stew about things that aren't worth it.

I am excited because tomorrow I have an appt with Dr. M (seriously, one of the best!!!). I think it is just a follow up and most likely a feel up... seems like I can't escape that. Men and women I don't really know, flocking from everywhere to feel my non-tit and real one for that matter. Just need to make sure they are the same! We'll I can tell them they are not. I am thankful for my feel ups... they make me feel like I can breath again because I am being looked after.

I am not 100% sure what else Dr. M would do. He probably wants to check and see if I am all healed up - of course I am.

And then on Saturday I have the VERY exciting and highly anticipated CT. I really want this one and I really want the results. I just want to find out how everything is going in there. I pray that nothing has changed and all still looks the same... then we can continue healing.

Healing is what I think we will do most of this year. I am alright with that. :)

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