Monday, June 11, 2012

Babes and butterflies.

I don't know if I told you that we smuggled two caterpillars into the States with us.  W was so excited because he was so sad that he was going to miss this in his class.  He LOVED the whole butterfly unit last year and I was excited for him that he was going to be able to still be a part of it this year (thanks to his wonderful teacher Mrs. R!!).
We watched them eat and grow fat.  W taught us about their disgusting “skull caps” and how they shed parts of their skin when it was too small.  He showed us their poo as well.  He corrected us many, MANY times as we watched them patiently (honestly, I thought it was disgusting – but he loved it so much so I left them on the kitchen counter!!) turn into their chrysalises... moths have cocoons.  And then we waited some more.

Yesterday while I was cleaning the kitchen up a little I noticed some movement in the plastic container.  I quickly called Ken and W (I don’t do bugs, even if they are beautiful) and we got the two specimens outside.  W taught us that as soon as they start to emerge – not hatch!! – that they needed to be outside with a net underneath of their chrysalises so that they didn’t fall onto the ground.  If, however, they did, we were to take a pencil and hold it by their feet until they were able to hold onto it and then put them in the branch of a tree or bush.

Being as one was already hatched out of its cocoon JUST KIDDING W!!! Ken and W quickly got to work.  Dad taped (our hero) the butterfly which was holding onto a pencil, into a tree and then made a net below the other chrysalises so that if it happened to emerge while we were out and fall, that it would still be ok. 

It was so fun to watch the excitement of our little family as we watched this miracle of nature.  The kids were enthralled all day with these two butterflies.  We had some running around to do and every time we came home, W quickly checked on his butterflies to see if they were still around... or had emerged. 

The first butterfly had managed to gain enough strength to take flight.  My son should be a spy because after it took off the first time and we headed out again, he found it over and over again in the bushes just down from our site.  He was so happy when he got to see it again.  It just made my heart melt to see his joy. 

Today, he said a prayer before we headed to church that his second butterfly would emerge.  And wouldn’t you know it!  It did!!  As he delicately handled this second butterfly and took some pictures I was again in awe of his caring ability, his way of being so gentle and how darn smart he was!  I was a proud Momma, even though we aren’t supposed to be proud, I was.

Shortly after this second butterfly was able to gain enough strength to take flight and that was the last time we saw it.  When we were eating lunch a beautiful yellow and black butterfly came by the window and W told us all about it, how rare they are and their neat abilities to be able to survive. 
I was so thankful that we all got to witness this tiny miracle of nature together as a family.  I was so thankful that my son was able to teach us all and that we were all able to learn from him.  I am so thankful that we have this time as a family.  It is precious beyond measure to me.  And even though it is hard, it is one of the greatest blessings in my life.


  1. Hi g . You give me inspiration . I have had people say that to me , but i really must pay it foreword to you . I read you blog and am astonished at your insight . You are one of lifes angels and are so unique and special . I hope you feel better and enjoy every gross and amazing adventure . You are right you have each day that is the gift . the true present of now . ... lv t

  2. What a wonderful story!! I loved every word.....your children are truly amazing and blessed to have you and Ken for their parents. Hang in there Kiddo!!! So happy to hear that things are working out for you down there. Sending lots of love!!
    <3 Linda xoxoxo