Monday, June 4, 2012

First Chemo

Well, I am back on the chemo-train.  Today was my first chemo treatment.  It was really neat to see the small, small, SMALL bag of chemo hanging there for me instead of the three huge bags that usually go in.   I was in the office at 9am and let me tell you, it's busy there!!  I started chemo around 9:30.  They check your vitals before you start anything and two more times while you are getting your chemo.  Like I explained before, the chemo is delivered either with or right after the IPT (Insulin Potentiation Therapy) so a smaller dose is more effective.  It is explained really well here: 

For breakfast I had to have 2-3 scrambled eggs with a little salt and pepper and then a cup or green tea.  Let me pause here for a moment.  Green tea tastes like warm grass... not my favorite.  Back to my other train of thought, no carbs or anything because they turn to sugar.  We checked my blood sugar before I started the therapies, during and after. 

The thought is to get my blood sugar low enough while having the chemo so that the chemo and IPT work the best.  Once your blood sugar drops off to the point of feeling faint, sweaty, shaky (diabetics I am sure know this all too well) or dizzy then you have to drink some organic OJ and then have some sort of protein sandwich or wrap.  This helps to bring your blood sugars up really quickly again and the protein helps to keep it level.

I was given some anit-nauseant and steroids (counteract any reactions) before the chemo was started (BTW down in here the States - they don't have Gravol.  They do have gravel though so one couple looked at me a little weird when I told them we have our kids Gravol for the trip.  Then I remember my Sis told me that Americans would not have any idea what I was talking about.  It was kinda funny.).  I guess I thought that I would feel completely normal today and I did for a while.  But a headache creeped up on me - again - it seems to be coming around every afternoon to early evening, I am tired and I feel bloated and gross like I did on chemo before.  I have indigestion again so it is hard to tell if I am nauseated or not.  But like I said, I just don't feel completely like myself.  I am ready for bed.

I skipped my workout today so I really need to get one in tomorrow, preferable before treatment because I know I won't find the time after... like I was going to today.  But on the whole I would say that today hasn't been all that bad.  By this time with my last chemo's I was swearing off the barfs and hot flashes and feeling like a huge pile of giant shiz for a few hours now, so I guess I am doing pretty good!

Tomorrow I have immune therapies so I will be back to the creamed corn aroma with iced tea pea and a bad smeste in my nose/throat.  On these days I also have to take 27 pill form supplements - should be full after that.  I do take them usually after each meal though so I guess we'll call it dessert?!

I am sure I will be feeling pretty good tomorrow too!  And if I am not, who cares, it is three weeks!  A complete recovery time between my old chemotherapy's.  The atmosphere here is amazing.  I really feel cared for.  The staff if really funny and compassionate (well there is one exception; it is my goal to get one cranky nurse to like me.  This morning when she was taking my vitals, she needed my weight and I asked her if I should take my hoodie off.  She said I didn't have to.  So I replied, "Well, I just want to let you know it weighs at least 5 pounds." (obviously joking!)  She snapped back, "Then take if off!"  I felt like a silly little kids who had just been reprimanded for being such.  Like I said, I'll work on her.)

The most amazing thing today was meeting and talking with people with all different stages and types of cancer, picking their brains about things, sharing ideas and recipes, telling about our lives, where we are from and what we do and finding out that we all have common ideals and goals.  That is a strength to me.  And I am so blessed and thankful to have been directed and led here.

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  1. G, Gravol in the states is called Dramamine!