Monday, June 11, 2012

Told you today would be better.

The WiFi isn’t working here so when I finally do get a chance to post there will probably be a few... long winded notes from the south.  But you love it don’t you!!
Ok. To get the crap out of the way, I’ll just rip the bandaid off and then stop my complaining.  Today I do feel better.  I haven’t really been nauseated all day which is really nice.  The entire lining of my mouth is raw however and starting to peel away again – you know, like when you eat a whole bag of S & V chips when you shouldn’t have!  The only time I really notice it is when I drink my lemon water, which is all the time because I am once again nauseated by regular, plain old H2O.  I was trying to think of other things that I could drink that aren’t full of chemicals, sugar or any other crap that I shouldn’t put into my body.  Any ideas??  I am really at a loss.
Today was a good day.  We were late for church but stayed for all of it and the kids had some fun and made some friends.  Well, W and K anyways; C, I think is going to be Ken and my friend eternally.  Ken maybe shouldn’t have talked so much because he gets to teach the lesson in Priesthood next week.  LOL  I just smiled and nodded.  I’ll stick with that.  ;)  It was just so nice to feel at “home” and be filled with the Spirit.  That is the amazing thing about the Church, it doesn’t matter where you go, it is the same everywhere and we are all on the same page.  I just find it comforting.
When we came home we had a nap while the kids watched a movie and C ate 4 packages of fruit snacks.  He is such a little turd.  He is into everything he shouldn’t be.  W took charge and was quick to let us know about C’s “snack” as soon as he noticed and then get after K for cutting chunks off of the block of cheese.  But the nap was worth it and W did a good job.
We broke our Sunday rule and did go to the pool for a swim.  It was warm and there was, for once, no wind.  And the biggest reason for going was that I was actually feeling well and I wanted to be able to swim with the family.  Tomorrow I will have my port hooked back up for the week and that means no swimming.  I am thankful however that I am allowed to shower!  Being as I smell so greatly...

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  1. Is natural sugar ok? What about adding berries, or even sliced apples! Cucumbers are always good too, very refreshing!