Thursday, August 9, 2012

Summer Highlights.

W - He is growing up so fast.  And you know what?  I love it.  I makes me feel like I am not missing anything.  He has been so helpful and sweet.  The other day he folded ALL the laundry and vacuumed the upstairs for me.  He has had a lot of fun with K and C.  He usually spends most of the morning playing MINECRAFT which is fine with me because I get to sleep in.  Then  he like to get in a good dose of Harry Potter on the Xbox.  Judge all you want about all the electronic time - I am just glad that I can take it easy.  He is getting so tall and he is very excited about saving his money for his own computer... (that's not gonna happen!)  Today he asked me if we could buy some lemonade so he could sell it for $2.00 a glass.  He is all about making money.  It's really cute.  He keeps bugging me to make a chore chart so he can earn even more.  He has done amazing with being in the water this year.  He even went off the big diving board at Fairmont.  AND he rode in the tube yesterday at the lake.  All very big feats for this little big man.  I just love him!

K - She ran into a truck on her mini dirt bike.  The guy was on his phone and cut the corner in our subdivision and was on the right side of the road when he should have been on the left.  Ken was watching as she was coming up the street but she couldn't stop in time.  He had stopped his truck and she ran right into it.  She did have her helmet on but got a pretty big goose egg on her head and had a few bruises on her tummy.  We felt so bad.  But, in true K style, she was a trooper and I don't think it really bothered her too badly.  She has also become quite the swimmer.  She had no fear in Fairmont and took off the big diving board like a champ.  She also went in the tube yesterday at the lake but screamed her head off the whole time which was freaking W out a little.  She is constantly drawing me pictures and writing me notes and inventing things in her bedroom with C.  It usually turns out to be a huge mess but I am glad she is using her imagination.

C - He got a bungee cord in his eye.  (MC don't read this I don't want you to get queasy!  Plus you already heard it once. :))  We got home from Reno on a Saturday and I was bad and told Ken I wanted to skip Church on Sunday because I was so tired and we had so much to do.  So we did.  C and K were playing in the basement when all of a sudden we heard this blood curdling scream  (to which Ken and I did nothing because our kids always start a cry like that even if they just stub their toe - SO ANNOYING!!!).  Then we heard K say, "You wait right here I'll go get Mom and Dad!"  We jumped up and ran down the stairs, K was able to tell us what had happened so Ken was prepared, not me.  BARF!!!  C was standing down there when I got there and Ken asked me to hang onto him so he could take it out.  I said "NO WAY" and went a little crazy telling W and K to come over to the neighbours because we had to get C to the hospital.  I couldn't find the keys so our friend drove Ken and C to the big H.  Ken said on the way he finally relaxed and it just slipped out.  It was making the skin poke out below his eye, that is how he knew it wasn't in C's eye.  Still, to gross for me.  W told us, "If we actually went to Church today none of this would have happened."  He was right!  C also loves the water and keeps asking when he gets to go in swimming lessons again.  A few funny things he has said as of late are:

Ken took the kids on a walk through a tunnel in Trail after Chruch one afternoon while waiting for me to stop chatting.  C was running down the ramp and said, "I sure hope their'th  no thpiderth or Indianth down here."  (I am not trying to be offensive - he has seen Peter Pan)  The inside of the tunnel is kind of corrugated looking and he stopped and looked around a few times and said, "Thith ith a can?!"  Ken just about lost it.

Last night when we were watching a movie he said out of nowhere, "I wish I wath Santa becauthe he can make any toy out of a tree."  It was so cute.

All in all it  has been great so far and I am excited we still have a few  more weeks to go without having to get back into any routine.  We have all been up late almost every night and it's been really nice to spend time together as a family.  Not going to lie though, some nights I just wish they would pass out at 7.

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  1. I totally skipped over that part about C.....not gonna faint at home! haha