Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Random Fluff

I have been trying to think more and more of the pro's of chemo and not so much the con's. But none the less, the con's are still there. Let's get into some graphic details about both? maybe...


* What I wouldn't do for a case of the shart's after chemo. 5 days of not being able to go to the bathroom (I ain't talking no. 1) is not fun. It has resulted in some crying episodes on the floor. Honestly feel like I just had my first born child all over again. I am 99% sure that he was a 40 pounds boulder that came out of my arse. Seriously. I will never, NEVER forget that feeling. So I am very sensitive to that feeling now.

* My Non-nipple is starting to itch again. If you can't find it, you can't scratch it.

* Love the puffy face and bloated belly that I get after a cycle. Granted it only last for a few days, but the bald and bloated isn't so beautiful.

* All I am going to say is chemo toots... Ken's absolute fave! He is convinced that I am misdiagnosed and that I actually have "ass cancer".

* Everybody love hemorrhoids!! Sorry. A lot of issues with the back end I guess.

* Eye brows and lashes are starting to come out. Uncle Fester her I come! I think he had brows though. Bugger. That's not fair.

Onto the pro's.


* I don't have to do my hair. Grab a hat, wig or nothing and go. It's kinda nice... but I do miss my locks.

* Don't have to shave that often. I don't think I have shaved my legs in two weeks and they were a little gross, but not too bad.

* The rest of my unwanted body hair is amazingly gone! Can go almost three weeks without shaving my two armpit hairs. My chin hair is non existent (I truly do love that!), my mustache is gone, my belly hair has vanished. I am pretty much a Mesican hairless. Yes, I meant to say Mesican.

* I have SPROUTS!!! Not the green kind. The white kind that are popping up all over my head. Ugly yes, but it is the beginning of something so I am excited but not too attached. The rest of my body hair is supposed to fall out with this next round so I am sure they will line my pillow case. But they are still exciting.

* Everyone comments on how beautiful my eyes are. What the heck else are you going to look at? I have no hair. But thank you anyways.

* One thing that hasn't changed when I bust it out is my smile. It hasn't gained weight and my teeth still look great!

Speaking or "fluff", the other day C took some stuffing out of the couch and the kids got upset with him. They told him not to do that, it is for "Mommy's boob". And speaking of boob's, I don't do that nearly enough, my removable side kick is a major hit with the kids. They like pretending they have a giant boob, a baby in their belly, or slapping each other with it. Where did I find them??? Makes me smile.

Another thing that I have been thinking of, and I am NOT a perv, but if you have hair and two boobs then I most likely notice you. Did you know that most people have hair and two boobs!! Never realized it until one is living without a few of the lady essentials. But I don't stare, and I mostly covet hair. I will get my boobie back on and it will look fab! when they are done (I hope).

And one of the best things is that I got my wig last week!!! I will take some pic's and post them when I get a few. I honestly love it. It makes me feel more like me. And makes me feel like I can blend in again with everyone else.

I think I have caught up finally. Sorry to post so many but again, we have been busy. Which is a great sign to me that life is more "normal".

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