Monday, July 11, 2011

So far behind.

Ok, so I need to update. Maybe I will do it in a few blog posts or maybe I will do it all at once. Maybe you should pack a snack in case this goes on and on for a while.

For starters we had a great time in Kelowna. We stayed in a beautiful resort, had fun walking around, went for a run along the lake, ate great food and enjoyed one another's company... relaxing without the kids. But there was a little frog at night by a pond that would ribbit and remind us of C's night light that makes frog and cricket noises. It made us miss the kids.

We met with our Oncologist. I take back anything that I said previously about Dr. T. This is a brilliant person who is going to help me to live a long life. She was very nice, met with us last minute because we were in town and we didn't feel rushed or anything to get out of her office. She answered any questions that we had and was very good at explaining things.

I was supposed to do a video link on the 8th with her from our hospital, but because we were in town she saw us instead. She wanted to talk to me about the pathology report. A portion of my sample came back showing that I was Her2/neu+ ErPr- at first. Then another sample came back showing that I was Her2/new- which would mean that I was a triple negative. So what she wanted to discuss with us was the need to do Herceptin or not.

If I was a triple negative then I would not need the Herceptin and the outcome is better than being Her2/neu+. But with taking the Herceptin (all 17 injections!!) I would have the same outcome as if I was triple negative. Because I am young and so called "healthy" Dr. T thinks it is for the best for sure. So we are going to proceed with the original protocol.

We were really grateful that we got to meet her and talk with her. And she isn't as dry as a popcorn fart, she just laughs really quietly. :)

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