Sunday, April 29, 2012

An amazing weekend.

I decided on Friday morning that I wasn't going to worry about treatments or where to get them done.  I wasn't going to worry for a whole 72 hours if I would live or die one day... Duh.  Stupid thing to wonder!  I was going to have a wonderful weekend with my family, enjoy my most handsome big boy and laugh and love.  It was great.

Have you heard of Minecraft? 
All we ate of this cake was the two feet!!

Our family tradition!




I am not sure how these pictures are going to post... probably all over the place because I can't figure out Blogger to save my life!!  I tried not to get any pic's of the kids that were there because I don't want parents upset.  But he had so much fun with his little guy friends from school.  It was so fun to watch them interact and be goofy.  I can't wait until they are teenagers and are hanging out at our home, laughing, making a mess and being gross.  And I can't wait to see lil sis being silly around the "boys" and little bro acting slightly annoying.  I know most of you probably think, "Don't wish this time to go fast."  But I just want to be there for it.  I am not wishing it away, I am just wishing to be a part of it.


  1. I love the pics with you and W. A mom and son is so sweet. I hope you find comfort in making a decision, I know you will feel that peace when you find your best option. Love you!!

  2. Geneva, you look amazing and really happy in your pictures! I think of you and your family all the time and hope that the decision you are making becomes easier, and that life will return to "normal" very soon!