Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Two Great Days!!

I was such a big girl yesterday!  I went the the airport to catch my flight (SO not like me) at 6:30am.  Got my ticket, went through security and sat and waited.  Boarded the plane (I know most of you know how all this works, but this is the third time I have ever done this in my life.  It was a big deal.) and flew to Vancouver.  I called the Free Masons when I got there and they came and picked me up and took me to my appointment.

Upon arrival in the PET room, I instantly saw one of my dearest friends.  We have been friends since we were in Kindergarten.  K was sweet enough to meet me at VCC and wait with me while doing this whole scan thing.  She made me read things that I didn't think were important, she reminded me that I needed to stay calm and not laugh when I was supposed to be relaxing, she talked to me the whole 10 minutes that I was having the scan done.  It was hard because I wasn't allowed to move and sometimes it was just freakin' funny!!

It was so nice to spend the afternoon with her.  I  haven't seen her since W was little and I was preggers with K!  After we were done at VCC we took our free ride back to the airport.... as you know, I felt pretty grown up.  We enjoyed lunch together and laughed and talked some more.  I just can't tell you how nice it was.... but I am trying.  Then we did our lengthy good-bye and I went back through security - they didn't find my humor quite as entertaining as they did in Cranny.  And then I was back behind the glass wall waiting for the plane ride home.

We boarded the plane, I read a little and fell asleep with my book in my hand and when I woke up we were about 15 mins outside Cranbrook.  The plane safely landed, yes, I always expect otherwise, and we were free to go.  I walked all cool like to the bronco, opened the door and started it up... and tried again.... and again... I left the lights on and Ken had to come out and rescue me by giving me a jump.  I was so annoyed with myself.  I wanted to waltz through the door at home like it was just a regular day and be so proud of myself, and then I was reminded that I need help too.


And yesterday was my 32nd birthday!  I am so young still but for all that I have gone through, I feel so old at the same time.  And with test results looming in the horizon, I couldn't help but think a few times if this would be my last birthday.  I honestly know it won't, but sometimes and especially in this situation, the negative is a little more at the forefront of my mind.

BUT I chose to try and ignore it as best I could.  One of my closest friends called me FIRST - yes, Ken forgot to wish me a happy birthday.  He said, "Babe you are going to have to get up with the kids this morning because I have to get to work."  I usually am up with the kids.  Maybe one morning a week I want him to be the first on up and at 'em.  Regardless, I was happy when she phoned and we chatted for quite a while and I wasn't so annoyed with Ken when I got off the phone with M.

Then another one of my besties came over at noonish to bring me my gift.  She came to the door and said it was to big and she needed some help to bring it in.  So I went out to her vehicle, wondering if she made me a doll house or what, and my GF from Red Deer was in the truck!!!  I was so excited.  The kids all wished me a happy birthday.  It was so sweet. 

Then my parents came into town, my GF's watched C for us and we headed out to the Mission for lunch with Ken.  It was so nice to have a wonderful lunch without my boundless ball of boy with us... as cute as he is. 

After that, the kids came home from school, I picked up C from T's house and we went and paid a parking ticket that I got while on my adventure in Vancouver.  Lame!!  Then we headed home and Mom, C and I went to get some groceries and then came home and started supper.  My parents took W to guitar, then Ken came home, we ate, got the kids in bed and then watched a movie.  I fell asleep in it for the second time.  I'll have to finish it up today sometime.  It was a really good movie.


I only took a few moments to be nervous about today and the PET results.  Although I am nervous and somewhat sick to my gut (again, I am good at preparing for the worst) I know that no matter what happens, help is on the horizon and all will be welll.  I'll post for sure later this afternoon to let you know what is up.

I just have to tell you one thing that Ken told me and made me cry yesterday.  W and Ken were having a heart to heart because W never wants to go to his swimming lessons.  He hides in the bathroom because him tummy hurts.  I know why.  It is because he is worried. 

W is concerned that I will die.  Holy tear jerker!!!  So Ken was telling him that if Heavenly Father really needs me home then that is ok and that they will be alright.  Are tears streaming down your face yet?  I couldn't contain mine!!  W asked Ken if he would get married again.  Ken said he wasn't sure.  W said that he hoped that he wouldn't because Mommy could never be replaced.  I hope and pray and have faith, that I will never have to be replaced too.  Please continue to pray for my children.  It means so much to me us.

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  1. i am so over joyed that we got to spend this time together, given the circumstances i had a blast!!! xoxo!!!