Sunday, May 20, 2012

Reno Update

Sorry I have taken a while to let you know what is going on.  It's been busy since we got home from Reno but I feel that I have absolutely nothing accomplished.

So our visit down there went really well we thought.  We saw Dr. F and he was really, really nice.  He really just looked me over and felt me up, just my non-boob though, it was kinda nice! And we talked a bit about this past year.

Then I went and had blood drawn for the chemo-s test.  It will take 7-10 days for it to come back and then we will be ready to start treatment.  I am very interested to see what the results of the test will be, because I am wondering what did work and maybe what did not.

After that we met with Dr. M.  He is AMAZING and so sweet.  I really love him.  I told Ken.  He is ok with it.  He explained the treatments to us and what would be happening with the cells and what not.  It was very interesting to hear and made a lot of sense to us.

Like I said, we left the office feeling really good about where we are headed.  I am very eager to get back down there and get going on things.

I am sorry again that this is so short, I am tired, I feel barfy and I think I ate too much cheese today - not so vegan - and I am feeling it now.  I will let you know when some more stuff starts to happen and we find out more info.  Thanks for all your prayers!

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