Thursday, May 31, 2012

The last few days.

Day 1    
The first day of our trip was pretty uneventful – but it was still great.  We stayed at a place that had 6 cement pads for RV’s in Moscow ID.  Not our Canadian Rockies typical camp ground, but there was an awesome park right by it that the kids could run over and play at and we didn’t have to go with them.  We just called them every once in a while over to a bench where we could see them.   That sounds bad, we could see them most of the time but there was one part with some big slides that we couldn’t have full eyes on them.  We could hear them all the time though.
Safeway was just kitty corner to us so we headed over for some groceries.  We had pancakes the first night... and eggs of course.  The kids were so happy and tired.  They slept well.

Day 2
Ken really wanted to go to Hell’s canyon.  It is deeper than the Grand Canyon.  We headed through some crazy deep coulees.  At one point we were at 670ish ft above sea level and after we climbed back up we were 5500 feet.  The road was really windey (apparently that is not a word!) and narrow.  I swear we never went more than 100ft without there being some sort of repair made to the pavement.  The hills were so steep yet there were cows grazing all over them.

We followed our trusty GPS into the canyon to find a camping spot.  Honestly, all we found was... oh ya, nothing we got lost.  We finally arrived at Deliverance and asked for some directions.  Ken went into a pub/restaurant.  He said EVERYONE was wearing camo, including the women and they all had “sister wife” hair.  He felt a little out of place.  The lady that owned the place said if we drive about 30 miles on this dirt road we would eventually hit pavement again and that would take us to the lookout.  So we continued on... and on, and on, and on, and on until we eventually came to the country side of Deliverance, equally as freaky as the town.
Our not so trusty GPS got us lost and we got to see some of the homes up close – too close.  I am just kidding they weren’t too bad, but just not somewhere I was ready to set up the trailer for the evening.
There was however in the midst of Creepyville a beautiful little farm with peacocks.  They were several on the road, some in this persons yard,  one up on the roof of their house.  The males were fighting and the females were just wandering around.  The kids thought it was pretty cool and they were so excited because they had never seen a real peacock before.  It was really cute!

Throughout the trip that day we saw a bear, sheep, cows, goats, horses , baby gophers, a dead hawk and the peacocks... and Jack of course.  The kids had to put him in there!

We kept on driving and driving and driving we hit pavement and then started climbing and climbing and climbing and then we were behind a truck.   Yes, that truck is important in this story because it blocked the poor signage that actually showed us where the canyon was.  So, we missed it!  After all that, we missed it.
It was getting late and the kids were hungry, and so were we so we pulled over and cut up some cheese and had some crackers, and some veggies.  We continued along roads that went in and out and up and around and finally came to a BEAUTIFUL campsite by a lake.  We stayed there for the night.  My favorite part was falling asleep listening to the crickets.

Day 3
We packed up the camper and headed south some more.  We stopped for gas a few times and pulled over to the side of the road for a break because K was feeling sick.  Thought she was car sick at the time but she turned out to be really sick after all.
We took a walk down Antelope Rd and decided to play a game of hide and seek behind the sage brushes.  K counted first on the dirt road and we went and hid.

Then a car came so I hopped up so that they didn’t think she was some lost little girl, counting in the middle of a dirt road in the desert.  We stopped playing after that.
We kept on going until we hit Winnemucca for the night.  About 1 minute after we stopped the trailer, C came walking around the corner with a dead bird in his hands.  I don’t know if we hit it or what, but we gave him a good scrub with some purel.   After we set up we went out for supper and them came back “home” and watched a movie.  The kids slept really well.  C was so excited to sleep on the top bunk.  He did really well and didn’t even fall off.
K woke up at 3am and started barfing and that’s when I decided I would sleep much better in the truck.   I was sore when I woke up but at least I didn’t freak out every time I heard someone move.
We packed up the trailer again and now we are on our way to Reno!  YAY!!  We should be there in about 2.5 hours if all goes well.  I will post some more later.  Don’t know if we’ll do much today being as K isn’t feeling well but that is ok.  At least we are together! J
Well, she was feeling well enough to swim and I was so glad.  They had so much fun!

We arrived in Reno with an empty tank of gas and a flat tire on the trailer because we ran over a bolt.  We did our laundry, settled into the trailer AGAIN, swam and then roasted hot dogs over the charcoal grill under the stars.  It was awesome.  We are both so happy to have this time just for our family.  It's been great so far and I know will continue on that way!  Minus the rambunctious children at night...


  1. So glad that you have this time with your kids....just you and your precious family. Love you all!,

  2. Sounds like quite the adventure so far ... and FUN! So glad you are doing all of this together and making memories :) xo