Sunday, May 13, 2012

Mother's Day

I am proud everyday that I am a Mom.  Not just today.  I realized this more-so as Ken and I were sitting in Church in Reno, without our crazy bumpkins in the pew with us.  Yes, they drive me, but I felt so incomplete without them.  I missed their little faces getting right in mine, asking me when they could have some gum. I missed the hands flailing, papers flying and books being tossed over shoulders to find something quiet for them to do while they waited for the Sacrament to be blessed and passed.  I missed their hands scrambling over my body to crawl onto my lap... and YES, W still does this as well, not very often, but he still hops up there.

I had Ken, falling asleep beside me... in the pew... and twitching himself awake every few seconds when his head fell back a little too far.  When I bugged him and he said, "Oh sorry Miss. I-slept-all-the-way-down-here."  Not true.  But I did sleep more than him.  :)

Being a Mom is so much more than cleaning messes and teaching your kids.  Yes, that is a big part of being a Mom, but not the biggest.  Today I realized that being a Mom is having a connection, no matter where you are, how old you are, how happy you are or how busy you are. Those little ones that will always be yours.  Your hearts are tied and your arms will ache no matter the distance.  I truly felt today like my heart was reaching out and searching the crowd of people at church for my babes, coming back empty and unfulfilled.  That is when I realized that it doesn't matter the time or space, they are always going to be tied to me and I will love them no matter what.


  1. Have you ever heard that country song 'Your Gonna Miss This"? I can't even remember who sings it but your post brought the lyrics to my mind. Here's the chorus
    "You"re going to miss this,
    you're going to want this back,
    You're going to wish these days,
    hadn't gone by so fast
    These are some good times,
    So take a good look around,
    You may not know it now,
    Your going to miss this"
    The whole song is beautiful and makes me tear up every time I hear it because it touches on all phases of life and appreciating the little things, which is what you are doing in this post. Your children are very lucky to have a Mama like you.

  2. Well put G. You are right, it is all about that connection with your kids.