Monday, April 4, 2011

Another day, another biopsy, I mean dollar...

So the weekend was good! We didn't do too much. Watched General Conference, napped, ate pizza (I know, bad cancer food), read, played some video games with the kids. Wyatt actually asked me last night if he "could stay home tomorrow (Mon) because we got two new video games and I hardly got to play them yet?" Let me think about i- NO! At least he made us have a great laugh... cutie pie! Carson and Ken shoveled the driveway, sidewalk and tuck off. My baby was outside in his church shirt, a pair of basketball short and some shoes. I worry for them. Wink, wink. Ken said it was warm enough, and it was really cute to watch. Sunday afternoon we went to our framily's house and celebrated a little guy's 4th birthday! He is so cute and getting so big. He ate a LOT of sprinkles. Didn't want dessert, just sprinkles. I won't get started on his Mom, she's frickin' hilarious!!! All I can say is "big fork". Ahhhh, you know I love you. :) It was so nice to get out and laugh and have some fun. The best part of all of this is forgetting that you have it for a while.... I think that is great medicine. We came home, played a game and then went to bed. Even with drugs I couldn't sleep, so I got up and farted around on the computer and finished the book I was reading! Thank you Miss F, it was a great book and I am excited to work on my "terrain". Then I FB a bit, checked the weather, looked at a few blogs, and then went to bed.... and laid there, and laid there listening to Ken suck the room in through his nose. Luckily I had hold of the curtains or I would have been a gonner. ;) It wasn't that bad but a tad distracting for the already distracted mind. I finally fell asleep and woke up just in time to get my arse in gear to get to my appt. Carson of course had to poop just before we left - he picks the WORST times. So that put me back a bit. I rushed them up to my girl friends house, dropped them off and sped to the H. There was a HUGE line up at the desk and I was sure I was going to be really late.... it all worked out in the end. So, I had my right breast (for all you who are into proper terms) looked at by ultrasound as they thought that the MRI had picked up something in that side as well. The Radiologist thought that is was probably just breast tissue because they couldn't see anything abnormal, but that an eye would be kept on it. Phew! That was a big stress off my mind. I think two lumpectomies would have equalled a double mastectomy, so I am glad that isn't happening at the current moment. Then they biopsied the left lymph node again. It is in a bit of a different spot this time but the same area.... does that make any sense. They went at it from a different angle I guess may have been a better way to say it. He took 5 samples this time to ensure that they have enough "lymph tissue" was enough this time. *Insert* Two and a half year old coming up the basement stairs with only his socks on, saying, "My butt hurths," then placing his chubby little hands on his butt cheeks and bending over for me to fix the problem.... seriously all that for a wet fart? Wipe it and call it a day kid! Ok, where was I??? Don't' know, so anyways, I have to go to the Radiology Dept on Thursday for something the receptionist wasn't sure of, and she also said she needed to book me for pre-surgical screening but would have to call me back on that. So so far, the week is looking kinda normal. It is going to be busy again, but I am ready, I think. I will probably freak out closer to Friday. Have I told you I have never had surgery?? Anyways, I think we are doing ok. I want to thank my friends for all their help this past week and the beginning of this week. And for everyone's prayers and offers to do anything!!! I wonder if they would like to sign up for the two year old butt probs??? Any takers? :)


  1. Geneva- your son "cracks" me up- Have a great week! Tiffany

  2. Geneva,
    Your kids are the cutest!! Great to know that they are keeping your mind off of things once in a while.
    Can't believe you've never had surgery before!! Holy cow!! A "surgery virgin"!!!
    Wish I was closer so I could help you out if needed. Thinking of you a lot.
    Thanks for keeping us all posted.
    Love, Linda xoxoxo <3

  3. Geneva,
    Your sense of humor will take you far in this journey. You've always cracked me up. I bet God gets a chuckle out of you too. Hang in there for all the yucky stuff. Prayin' there will be no barfing this week. Blessings today.
    xo Katherine

  4. We'll be praying for you as the surgery draws near. My only advice...take it VERY easy afterwards (even if you're feeling fine) and take whatever they give you for the pain. It's much easier to recover if you aren't hurting.
    You beat me by one yesterday - you got 5 biopsies, I only got 4. Let's pray for clean results from all of them!