Sunday, April 10, 2011

Home sweet home.

I got home yesterday afternoon but I wasn't in the mood to re-live anything I had just been through. I just wanted to see my kids and hang out with Ken and Mom. I wish my Dad and Sis were here but that is life. So we got to the hospital at 6:30am on Friday. Got all ready in pre-op or whatever it's called. I wasn't too worked up, I just wanted to get the show on the road. The anesthetist was late and so that pushed us back a bit.... like I said, I just wanted to get it over with. He finally came, asked a few questions and answered some... like, "I really DON'T want to barf so if you could make that happen that would make my day!" Then we went into the operating room. Bright white with a tiny black bed/table in the shape of a T with a spot for my head. I crawled up on the bed and kept looking at the huge lights above me. They were off but they had a really neat design them with all the little bulbs that were inside. I tried to look around and see what was in there.... some things folded neatly under green cloths, a few silver pans (I figured that is where they would put my nice hunk of boob!) so I changed my gaze quickly to something else. At this point the anesthetist was putting the IV in my hand and then told me that he would give me something that would make me feel a little woozy, "Like SICK???" I said. "No, not sick." Then they put the oxygen over my nose and I felt like I was looking around the room cross eyed. It was weird. The next thing I remember was a cute little nurse talking to me, asking me some questions that I don't remember. Then two nurses tensor bandaged/bound my chest. I honestly don't even know how I sat up... I was sitting there like a rag doll and they were asking me to lift my arms out a bit to wrap. I could hardly do it. I don't remember leaving recovery or anything, I just remember being wheeled into my room and then my handsome hubby came around the curtain. I was so happy to see him! He sat and held my hand but I don't' know for how long. He was trying to ask me for peoples phone numbers and I remember telling him "4", then he would wake me up and "Say what's the rest?" I remember thinking,"You can't figure out the other 6 numbers?" and I thought I was pretty funny that I had a secret in my head and he didn't know the rest! LOL Also, for some reason in my head he had his shirt off and was flexing his muscles and I thought it was weird behavior for the hospital but I couldn't tell him to stop. My tongue hurt really bad and I felt like I was talking funny. When Dr. Chong came in I asked him what happened to my tongue. Ken told you in the last post that I bit it while they were taking the tube out and I was clamped down on it and the harder they tried to pull my jaw apart the harder I clamped down. What a nerd!!! It really hurts, is still really swollen and I still talk funny. There are teeth marks underneath my tongue. I told Ken he could go because I was really sleepy. Amber came around Noon and I visited with here for a bit, she gave me a hilarious card! She went to get me some water and ice and while she did I fell asleep. I thought that Carson had his stuffie "Oreo" and bunny, and he was making a whole bunch of noise and I was trying to tell him to be quiet. Then Amber came back. And I realized it was my IV pump making the noise and that "Oreo" wasn't there and neither was Carson... Amber and I visited for a bit longer and then I fell asleep again. Then my Sis Amanda called. I was on the phone with her for 8 minutes and I think I only talked to her for one. At least she was patient, poor girl I felt so bad. She kept having to wake me up mid conversation! Now I know how she felt after she had Sage and I just wanted to chat her ear off but she looked like she was in La La Land. Sorry Manny! Then Dad and Mom came up for a visit. Again I think I was pretty out of it. But I was sure happy to see them too. Then Dad had to head home after him and Mom went to go get a few things. I was worried about him and I wanted to know that he got home safely. He did. Then Ken came up with the kids, like he posted in the blog. They were all emotional... I was out of it and scared that they were going to bonk into me. They calmed down when they watched TV. :) They didn't stay too long, kids and hospitals aren't a good combo after a while. But they really were great! I was so happy to see their little faces. Ken came back up and so did Amber with Timbits! I was so excited. We laughed and talked for a while and we were really quite so that Amber could stay longer than 8... we had her in there until almost 9. Even when our nurse came in she didn't kick her out, we all just chatted. At 9ish, Amber left and Ken left a few minutes later. I was ready for bed. I got some more pain meds, a sleeping pill, went to the bathroom and then crawled awkwardly into bed, put on my headphones to watch tv and fell asleep. I slept great until about 4 am and then I needed some more meds. I got up and went to the bathroom again, and then the nurse brought me some Tylenol. After that, I listened to some poor guy down the hall ralph his guts out about 90 times and I wondered who was helping him. I was sure glad that I wasn't in his room! So I put my headphones back on and went back to sleep.... I didn't want to hear him anymore. My roomie was great! She NEVER barfed and we had fun together. We talked a lot and had quite a bit in common. I was glad that she was there because it made me less afraid to stay at the hospital. I think I came home around 11ish yesterday morning, had two great naps and one of my besties Mel brought us a great supper!! We hovered that and then visited for quite a while. After Mel left we watched a movie and then we went to bed. I am thankful that the surgery went well. I am thankful for great doctors and modern medicine and techniques, I am thankful for kind and loving people who don't even know you who take care of you. I am thankful for my family and the love and support that they give me. I am thankful for friends who care and let us know it all the time! I am especially thankful for a loving Heavenly Father who was there with me when I was afraid, who watched over me and protected me and made me feel that I would be alright.


  1. I have been checking the blog like crazy to see that you are doing ok. Wishing u a speedy recovery, lots of love and prayers your way, xox mel

  2. Geneva, it's so awesome to hear that your surgery went well and that you didn't barf!! I too have checked the blog many times since Ken posted on Friday......really hoping for good news. Rest, heal and get better!!! Sending lots of love your way!!!!
    Love, Linda xoxoxo <3

  3. Happy to hear you are home and recovering. So glad the surgery went well. Our kids still pray for you daily. Camille prayed yesterday that your surgery would go well and Nathaniel informed her that surgery was done. She was relieved and happy to hear it had gone well. Now she prays for you to feel better and "everything else to go well so Aunt Geneva can be all better". That's our prayer too.
    Love you lots.