Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Just an update.

Yesterday I had one of the drains taken out and the dressing changed. I didn't dare look at myself while he was changing the dressing. I am definitely not there yet. Ken took a look at it and thought that it was looking really good. He's brave... Sorry I don't have any pic's of it yet, like I said, I am not there yet so I don't even want to see it in a picture. I think it's still pretty gross.

Mom made supper and it was great. She has been a tremendous help. She's been doing everything with the kids even when I told her she was "old" and she should probably slow down. She's been taking Wyatt to school, getting the kids fed, and not just cereal like me every morning, getting them dressed and taking them out with her. I don't think I did half as much as she is before all this happened... she's still a Super Mom. And I can't leave my Dad out. He's been allowing Mom to stay and help, while keeping up his strict diet of beer and Cheesies for supper.... just kidding, he only had that one night for supper. :) But he is nice enough to let her stay and help while he has to work. I know he would love to have her around for company, I am sure he gets lonely, so he is taking a hit for the team too! I am a pretty lucky gal. Plus my Mom and Dad-in-law are ready to help at a moments notice so we are very blessed. And we feel it.

So anyways, Mom made supper, I had a few visitor's which was nice. It passed the time in a great way; not me thinking how it was only 3:30ish and I didn't want to sleep because I wanted to have a good sleep last night (was ok I guess) and Ken wasn't going to be home until 7ish... so that was nice. Then Tiff came over and we hung out for a while until I noticed my "area" was swelling up. So she took me up to the hospital and we hung out there until I got in around 9ish. Oh, Ken met us up there and was trying to convince us that he had some huge zit on his back that needed to be popped. He lifted up the back of his shirt and tried to show us about 5 times where it was.... there was nothing at all. At least it was entertainment, and I am sure he knew it. ;) What is with him and shirts off at the hospital???

So anyways, the ER Doc looked at it, plus a nurse (upping my grand total - YAY!) and she was worried that it was infected. They took blood gave me an antibiotic and luckily for me Dr. Chong was on call. I am sure the poor guy is getting pretty sick of me, but he is so nice and never shows it! He "milked" the drainage tube that is left (that is what it is called, it is SICK) because it was full of a huge, long clot. Tiff was nice enough to do it too and I had tried earlier, but I was worried of snapping the tube in half and having that crap spray all over the place. Anyways, he got the tube cleaned out, and back on my way to worry free drainage.

I am darn sure that Ken never thought I could look as "hot" as I did last night. He did say that my right boobie looked huge, TMI but it was always the smaller of the two, so I told him of course it did when you compare it to the other side. Duh! But at least he found the silver lining in me sitting there with no boobie, a sick drainage tube and spending some more time at the hospital. A fun date? Probably not, but at least we are making memories together. Like the other night when I was bugging him about finding his mouse pad when he was using his gut, and he got me back in a good way by saying that I was his new mouse pad. He was onto something for sure, it is a pretty flat surface with a nice layer of padding on it.

Some of the things that I cherished yesterday were Kate, who was finding every excuse not to eat her supper, finally found a spot in her tummy for it and then dove face first into her strawberry short cake, so much as to have it all over her little glasses. She looked so darn cute. Carson had a mild cardiac infarction when he untied his floaty balloon and it went up onto the roof, and then wandered around staring at it asking us to get it down... impossible. And Wyatt got a yo-yo from the dollar store and was so excited to make it work. He finally figured out how to walk the dog to get it to roll back up. They are my joy, they are my reason for fighting so hard, they are my frustration, my loves, my happiness, my tears, my life. And of course Ken.


  1. I'm so glad you have help and support there. I wish we lived closer...but we're glad you have so many good people helping/visiting you. Take it easy - you deserve it.

  2. Tiffany milked your tube, that will make for a good story later:) She is brave, I am more like you with that kind of stuff.

  3. Oh Ken and taking off his shirt in hospitals...that made me laugh. xo mel

  4. Gv I glad you are doing ok and your mother is not to old,such a joy looking after the little ones,All our love Gilbert and Rita