Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Just a waiting game.

Sorry it's been a while, but for me, it makes me feel like life has been normal and I haven't had time to think about things and blog. That is a bit of a lie, but partly true.

I have been doing well and Sunday and Monday were my best days by far. My arm didn't hurt as much as it had been, but I am sure that I have over done it a bit. Today my arm is quite sore again and feels like it is swollen along my side and in my pit. YAY!

I have switched up the exercises and they are a lot harder than the previous ones that I was doing. Which is weird, because they wouldn't have been on my list of so called "exercises" before. It made me appreciate the struggle that people who have to go through re-hab and physio really face. A lot of time, patience, patience, patience and patience. Not being able to do something that you were able to do before is very frustrating and can make you feel pretty useless. I know what I am faced with (trying to not have my shoulder freeze up) is nothing compared to what other's face. So I truly appreciate the struggle that goes along with feeling independent once again.

Right now we are just waiting to hear what is going to happen. Our family Doctor was talking to Ken today and was told that it can be up to two weeks to hear from the Oncologists. So I guess we just go on as "normal" until we know what is next. I hate waiting to find out, but it is nice to be able to heal without the stress of what is happening next - barfing chemo?? Shudder...

I have had my bone scan and tomorrow I go for my CT. I am hoping all will be well with these tests and that the cancer hasn't spread to anywhere else in my body. Prayer, prayer, prayer.... fingers crossed (even though I don't believe in that)... prayer, prayer, prayer. But I am honestly calm, knowing that the Lord has a plan for me... for our family. One that is best suited for our needs, so all will be well.

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  1. FINGERS TOTALLY CROSSED!!!!! I DO believe in that!!! I think of you every day and wonder how you're doing......thank you so much for keeping us updated. Not to worry that you didn't write for a few days as life goes on and you deserve to take the time for doing normal things.
    Lots of Love, Linda xoxoxo <3