Thursday, April 14, 2011

We are excited!

I am smiling today! Today we got the pathology reports back. It was great news for Ken and I. The tumor was actually smaller than the MRI showed so that was great! It measured 2.7x2x1.8 cm, which is still quite large he said for how fast it grew, but smaller than we originally thought. So that made us very happy.

We don't know what kind of cancer it is. We know it is isn't a hormone based cancer but the HER2 came back equivocal. I can't remember what that meant. It is an invasive ductal carcinoma and it scored a 9/9 (or grade 3) on the Bloom Richardson grading scale which is crappy (and this freaks me out a little). But I am between a Stage 2 and Stage 3 which I thought was great news. We (Ken and I) thought I might be in Stage 3 before so I was happy about that news. Ken was already giving me my 5 year life expectancy... I know he loves me. He does!

My margins are great; they are 0.5 cm's clear. The minimum that they usually like to get 0.2cm's, so there is more than that.... I took this opportunity to bug Dr. Chong and told him I thought he took a little too much. He laughed.... really I was thinking that he took 5cm's instead of 2mm so I was trying to give him a hard time, but I just forgot kindergarten integers.

My pectoral fascia was also free of the "invasive tumor". Luckily my "vapor barrier" held up for me. Also good news.

They tested 21 lymph nodes and 4 of them came back showing the cancer had spread to them. But this is ok for me. That is why I will do Chemo - it will catch any of the other little buggers that got away!! They are also going to do a Bone Scan and a CT just to check everything else out. I am so BLESSED that everyone is being so thorough. I think I will have a great sleep tonight.

So we are now just waiting to hear from the Oncologist to set up a video conference to find out what our next steps will be, Radiation or Chemo, and then we will be onto our next hurdle. But still moving forward!

The best thing of all today was that I got my other drainage tube out! YAY!!!! That made me feel 100 x's better. But I might have overdone it a little because it wasn't there to slow me down...

I actually looked at the area today. I think it looks disgusting and pretty good at the same time. The kids thought it was pretty neat! I still have some stretch marking from nursing the kids around the edge of the incision which I thought was weird and Wyatt thought it was mustard because of how it looked and the color of the bruise. That made me chuckle a little. Little fart. :)

So again, I thought that I would post a few more pic's of it. Today is day 7 post surgery so I will continue to post pic's of it while it heals. If you don't want to see it, don't read my blog!

So, two things I have been thinking about and getting a giggle from is that two, VERY nice people said my "abs"?? looked great. One of these very nice people (Jen, yes you!) saw me the day before and knows, there ain't any abs there at all. That is fat in the picture... one day abs - maybe. And for all of those loving people who called me "The Wall" because I was flat chested in middle school (one of these people I love very much and went to grad with him ;) - he shall remain nameless) - I DARE YOU TO SAY IT NOW!!!


  1. Geneva, it looks great! You are healing beautifully! If you heal this well in the first week, it will only get better. And I love the way your whole face is smiling - all the way to your eyes!

  2. That looks really good, I have to admit I thought it would a bit knarly... (I seen a mastectomy love seen once in a movie)

    Happy Happy with all the good news!

  3. Oh GV, you inspire me so much with how you manage to keep your sense of humour through all of this :) I had to laugh about "the wall" comment, I had completely forgotten about that.....I think we used to get him back by calling him "Taxi" or something, didn't we??!!

    You look sincerely happy in your photo, and I must say, you have grown more beautiful in the years since high school, and it wouldn't surprise me to see you grow even more beautiful still. I am so glad to hear that the surgery went well, and that all the news is good. Hopefully things will continue to go smoothly for you, I will have you in my thoughts and prayers for the coming months.
    Have a great sleep tonight....hopefully beside Ken as there is no chance of him pulling your drainage tube out now :)
    Love & Hugs,

  4. AMAZING!! so much great news...i'm excited to hear that 4 out of the 21 came back positive. You look smoke'n hot in your picture, you rocked that look great in hats. Thanks for the update G, i look forward to reading everyday to know how things are going.

  5. Rob says he is very sorry for that nasty comment !!! You know he loves you. I have been trying to loose a few pounds and they are all coming from my chest. So in the end he has a flat wife. KARMA !!! I read your blog before bed and last night I had a hard time sleeping (Thinking about you) Your in my prayers every night girl !! all our love Rob, NIcky and Jord XOXOXO

  6. So so so great! You are amazing, everyone is saying it because it is true. You are brave and courageous and back on your feet with an amazing attitude. May blessings continue to roll in, love ya xox Mel

  7. GREAT news! ...I'm so glad that things are rolling along so well. Thanks for the update, I was wondering how you were doing and so happy to hear that your spirits continue to be good. Keep it up Geneva! :-) Stephanie

  8. I keep looking at that picture in your last post- and I still see ab muscle there- so maybe your other boobie is hiding it- but it totally looks like you have great abs!

    Your smile is the happiest one I have ever seen. You have the smiling eyes too! My grandpa always told me those are the best smiles the ones where your eyes look like they are smiling too.

    This is great news that you have shared with us. Thanks so much for all you have shared with us. You can tell from the comments that you are loved and you have many friends praying for you.

    Hope to see you soon- maybe the weekend of conference. Love, Tiffany

  9. I totally LOVE that you are smiling and truly happy. Your test results are are you!! You're healing up so fast. Thanks for the photos. I have never seen a mastectomy scar before......It's not at all gross. You look great!!
    Lots of Love, Linda xoxoxo <3

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  11. You inspire me Geneva! Your amazing spirit just keeps shining through.

  12. You are amazing!!! An inspiration to us all! Thank you for sharing your journey with me. You are BEAUTIFUL!

  13. You look fantastic. Absolutely beautiful. The scar looks good too.

    I had to play alittle catch up with your blog because I was away for so long. But I am so happy to hear that everything went well and that you are healing. Hopefully we will be out in Cranbrook soon and I will stop in and say Hi.