Wednesday, March 6, 2013

A little ray of light...

Well today  we heard back from Dr. M again.  I just love him.  Have I told you that before!!  He calls, doesn't introduce himself and says, "What, it's been a week since I've talked to you?"  LOVE IT!!!  He's great.  Anyways, he presented my case today to his colleges and got into the explaining of things.

Apparently one of the tumors in my cerebellum was lobular in shape, like a dumbbell so part of it was taken out and the rest was missed?  I am a little confused but that is why the third spot has shown up.  It was always there.  To me, that's good, it's nothing new. 

He also explained that it was just over a month from my first MRI to my last which was on Friday so he is not concerned with the tumor growth.  He said that the tumors very well could have grown in size in that time so they have probably shrunk from the radiation.  Bottom line, I am still a good candidate for the stereotactic radiation.  All three spots can be done and that makes me happy.

Now we just wait to hear form Vancouver as to when it's go time.  We are getting there!!  And I am feeling good about life again.  Just thought I would keep you in the loop.


  1. Well that's more like it! Good to hear some better news Geneva! Thinking of you always. xo