Friday, March 29, 2013

Things you should think about before saying...

Well, this morning, I decided that I was going to go for a walk.  I ventured out with one boobie on, and my little Dexy gut, leading the way down the hill.... yes, I started down hill, then you have to go up to get home.  I wore Ken's shirt, and hoodie, a very stylish and cute hat with matching scarf, some yoga pants and my "fugs" (fake ugs...Costco).  Eventually, I decided to "jog".  No support in the shoes, and my knees are in pretty rough shape.  I may not be moving in the morning.  Plus, I looked like an idiot.  Oh well, it was so nice to get out and get some morning fresh air and hear the birds and listen to my music.  That is how I started my day.  I won't tell you I finished it with WAY too much Easter candy or McDonald's.  That's why I am awake right now... vibrating.

I wanted to share a few things with you that I have said over the past few weeks... I am not proud.  They are kinda funny, but come out totally rude and NOT at all what I mean to actually say.  I hope I don't offend by sharing these little sentences with you.

First offence.  At my Gramma's house.  So, K's GG.  GG watched K for us while we went into Vancouver for the pinpoint radiation.  K was having her lunch and went to get up from the table.  GG quickly and abruptly replied, "Sit back down until you finish your lunch."  K's eyes got wide, she looked at me like she had never been spoken  to like that, sat back down and continued eating.  I was totally shocked!  I replied, "Wow!  Everyone NEEDS a crusty GG in their house!"  OOPS!

Second Offence.  One of my gf's came over for a visit.  I hadn't seen her in a long time, and I always love seeing her... all my friends honestly.  You have no idea how you brighten my days.  Anyways, she brought me a beautiful necklace and on it is stamped, "Fresh COURAGE take".  I LOVE IT!!!  Classy Geneva replies by saying, "See "dear friend who shall remain nameless", this is exactly the kind of crap I need!"  WHAT?  Who says that.  Not what I meant.  I meant, I love it and I need these beautiful reminders that I can do this!  Was NOT executed in that way at all.

Third Offence.  Another dear person who shall remain nameless, one morning says to me, "I'm going to run downstairs and have a quick shower."  To which I answered, "Thank you."  Ummmmmm - people actually still talk to me.  Are you surprised?  They laughed after I tried explaining myself and said, "Well, it's been a few days so maybe a thank you is in order.  Maybe I do stink."  NO, not at all!!!  Just me, trying to.... I don't even know.  But honestly, they didn't stink at all.  I felt so bad.

Fourth, and possibly the funniest and most embarrassing - for me anyways.  I asked C to get dressed the other morning.  Mom, please forgive me for sharing this story but it was funny-ish.  He brings his clothing upstairs, naked.  He get's all shy around my Mom-in-law and hides his wee willy wonka in his little hand and covers his but crack with the other.  So I say, "What's the big deal, Gramma's seen hundreds of those in her life." 

I am sure you can figure out what I meant to say... or at least what I was thinking.  My MIL has 5 boys and a billion grandsons, she has seen "wee willy wonkas" hundreds of times in her life.  THAT, my friends, is what I was trying to say.

As for updates, I am doing pretty good.  I have gone out twice this week on my own and it felt good.  I am still not comfortable being out for very long by myself, but it was nice to feel independent for a few moments.  Builds my confidence.  I will also be starting Chemo again on Tuesday.  I am not nervous, it's pill form and the same stuff I was taking before, plus a new drug that supposedly breaks the blood brain barrier, so we'll give it a try.  I am slowly coming of the Dex and I surprisingly feel ok.  I am pretty shaky, still, but I know, some of these things are going to take a while to gain ground on again.

HAPPY EASTER EVERYONE!!!  I hope it's great and you are able to focus in, through all the little ones (and big ones too maybe?) excitement and rejoice in the ultimate sacrifice that was given for us, through our Savior, Jesus Christ.  I know I am thankful and abundantly blessed because of His love for me.

Again, we thank you all, and love you.

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