Sunday, March 17, 2013

Our hearts are full.

Ken and I are, yet again, amazed by the generosity and love towards our family.  We realize that many of you have already donated to our family, monetarily and in other ways, the outpouring of love and generosity is nothing less than amazing.

We want to thank all who have given so much to us. We wish there were more eloquent words to say thank you but we haven't found any yet. We are forever thankful and pray daily that the Lord's blessings be poured out upon each and everyone of you for your charity.

A few recent events have transpired lately I need to mention as they have touched our family. There are actually two fundraisers going on right now.  One was set up for our family to be able to take a trip to Disneyland.  This was set up by an old friend from Lethbridge (Riley) and my sister. Riley and his wife are pretty amazing... and so is my sis.  When I posted on FB that we wanted to go on a trip as a family, we NEVER a million years expcected you to help our dreams come true!!!  The money was raised in less than four days for our entire trip. We were completely shocked when they told us about it this weekend.

The other fundraiser is set up by our friend Kaylee.  Her hair is longer than our youngest child.  She is beautiful and cutting her hair off to donate.  Again, I always hear how "amazing" you think we are, but you have no idea how amazing we think all of you are.

Like I said, I wish we had better words and more means to thank you for all you have done.  Like Riley said on his website he realizes that times are tough right now for people, so for you to think of our family and donate, and some of you, donate again on either website, is so appreciated. We love you and are so appreciative of your thoughtfulness.

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  1. What is your friends website address?