Thursday, March 7, 2013

What's coming up!!

Well, we got the "call" today about our appointments... and there are a lot, in Vancouver.  Literally on Monday I will be in appointments ALL day.  I start at 9:30am for a blood test, then 10:30am another MRI, 12:00pm another mask fitting (yay arts and crafts!  ya right, I am sure I will hate masks after I have to wear this one for two to three hours straight!), 1:30pm IV contrast, 2:00pm meet with the Dr, 3:00pm CT scan...  that is one busy day.  Then I have the actual radiation on Thursday.  I have to be there are 3:00pm to see the nurse to get my meds and then treatment starts at 4:15pm.  Like I said, it is 2-3 hours that I am literally strapped to a table for this duration of time...

Here are some of my pics of me in all my glory strapped in for radiation last time.  What am I going to do to pass the time, it's not like the bed is comfy!!!

Smile, why not...

See, they put the mask on, white edge rim...

And then literally clamp you down so you can't even open your eyes with the nice black plastic piece.  You aren't going anywhere when that thing is on!!

I lay on a piece of hard plastic and I am so thankful that I am almost three months post surgery, well, I will be getting this radiation on my three month anniversary, how lovely, because I would not be able to bear the pain of laying on my head for that long.  I still have a hard time at night with my pillow.  Enough whining already... I will be just fine... bored, but fine.  I will be dreaming of summer and having my face back.  That's all I want.

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