Thursday, May 26, 2011


Well... I have taken many steps in the past two weeks with my hair. I went from hair that I have always wanted, to high school hair that I have always wanted to try out again, and a shaved head that I NEVER wanted. But, life takes you on it's own journey and sometimes you just have to go. Even if you NEVER wanted to.

It's been a rough few weeks for me emotionally. Again, no one really sees me cry except Ken. And the day I chopped my hair off, I cried so hard that my fake eye lashes were coming off. I never cease to be as sexy and I possibly can. They looked great with my smeared make up and red blotchy face as a result of giving in to the tears. Ken told me though that I still looked beautiful and he would "pick me" again and again. I just love this man. He puts up with so much because I am SO far from perfect. He is a trooper and my hero because he loves me.

It's been hard for me because I really feel quite ugly. I am not saying this to have everyone say that I am still so beautiful or that I am so amazing. It is just the truth. I hated my hair after it was cut because I didn't like how the highlights in it made me look. So yesterday I bought a box of hair dye for $4.69 and did it up nice and dark. I figured if it looked bad, who cares, it would be coming out in the next week or so. That's when I noticed that some of my hair started to come out. But I thought it might have been from the dye.

I liked it dark...

Then I showered this morning and lots of my hair was coming out while I was washing it and drying it and styling it, and I could pull it out easily. So we took matters into our own hands tonight and had a head shaving party.

Our "before". K really wanted to shave her head as well but I asked her not too so that I would have someones hair to do. She was still really sad and wanted to do hers but I am sure that a few days after doing it she would hate it. I told her we'll wait a few days and if she really wants to do it we'll talk. She is such a sweetie!!

First up! Mom...

Three of the most precious hands in the world; checking things out.

Next up, my babe. He was excited and hopped right on the stool. I wasn't sure if I wanted him to do it, I have a major love for my little guy's locks!! But he wanted to do it so we let him. We had some fun first!

An old man cut... (sorry to those of you whose hair does look like this, I am not trying to be offensive) C was right into it!

Next up, W. He was kind of nervous and worried that kids at school will make fun of him tomorrow morning... I hope they don't. My heart would break!

We had some fun with him too! ;)

K had a very special job so she didn't feel left out. She got to cut Daddy's hair and Grandpa's hair! Ken was a turd and kept scaring her every time she put the clipper's to his head... my poor little girl.

I feel really special that Dad cut his hair too!! He said he wouldn't just do it for anyone. I am a lucky gal. We are so blessed from those who have loved us, laughed with us, cried with us and helped us along our way so far... we are so thankful.

Dad said it was up to Mom... Mom said it was up to Dad... At least they were both smiling in the end!

I'll take a better group pic of us tomorrow and put it up. I look horrid in the photo's so I will have a shower and redo my face in attempt to draw your eye away from my "Canadian tire". All in all, it was a great night. And I pretty much smiled the whole time. And I still feel OK.


  1. I love you, and that fact that you're smiling in every picture, I don't know how you do it but I'm sure glad you do. I think about you every day, keep strong, keep smiling xoxo

  2. I LOVE this blog!! Your family is the supportive!! You all look good with your shaved heads and will feel much cooler in the hot weather!! I'm sorry, but I did laugh. Just at the "old man haircut" on Carson. You have to admit that it's funny!! Keep smiling Kiddo!! Love You!!!!
    Love, Linda xoxoxo <3

  3. Hi g wow thank all that is good for families they are and will be your rock . you are amazing and i know you are so strong but it's ok to cry when ever you want you have the right and everyone only wants to help you through this journey . Your smile is beautiful and the bald family precious. lv t

  4. Well Beautiful Lady, I don't know you and I have never met you ... but I love you ! I participated in "The Geneva Convention" on Facebook and found the link to your blog and just can't stop reading . . . my way of support I guess. You are amazing and I think you look beautiful with your shaved head ! Keep writing . . . Be Strong . . .

  5. It breaks my heart to see you struggle and feel ugly about yourself. But honestly...there is nothing ugly about you! Your beautiful spirit just shines all the more brightly! Struggles are so hard and terrible but they really show all of us what your made of. You're a tough cookie Geneva!