Saturday, May 7, 2011

Pic's as promised...

Here is a pic of my incision. All things considered I think it looks pretty good. Honestly my boob looked better, but this will have to work for now. ;) This is a month post surgery. I am still a bit swollen on the side of my chest and it usually hurts in the morning when I wake up... but once I get moving it is ok.

Please excuse my hairy pit, it is sick, but I can't shave it as well as I used to. For one, it hurts like crazy and two, that flippin' cord thing runs right up the middle and gets in the way of a nice clean shave. The three dots on the top right side in the pic are two scars from the drains and one from the biopsy. You can't tell from the pic, but it really does look like turkey or chicken skin!!

As weird as it is, I am glad there is still some of my old boob there. The stretch marks from nursing my three babes reminds me of things that I have accomplished. And that is important to me.