Thursday, May 5, 2011

The other Dr...

Today I had a video conference with my Oncologist from -----. I want to be vague here! The OC was honestly drier than a popcorn fart! (I don't ever want this OC to find out that I said this.... putting it on the internet is a pretty stupid idea I guess! The OC was very nice, but to the point) Very informative, answered any questions that we might have had, but not a whole lot of time for smiling. Maybe because Ken kept asking about time lines and survival rates etc... none of which is know for sure so they can't give an answer! You know, he's a numbers man so he understands that best! LOL (Love you babe!)

So, it is HER2/new+ ErPr- (meaning it is not a hormone based cancer). I am at a stage 2. Ken wanted to know about the spots on my lungs. The OC told us that if the spots on my lungs ARE cancer (which we were honestly told not to worry about. The largest one is only about 5mm, but whatever, it's still there!) then it changes the prognosis to a Stage 4! YIKES! Let's just pray they are just lesion's from being sick some other time in my life! But that will be monitored.

This is a bit confusing to explain, but I will only have to do 6 rounds of Chemo. I thought this was great news. In my first cycle, I will do two different drugs like I had explained before. I will start on the 12th and then go every three weeks after that. Once I have had 3 treatments, I will switch up the drugs and do 2 different drugs for the second cycle, and have them every three weeks. One of the drugs is Herceptin. I will have to have 17 injections of this drug. It is not actually a Chemo, it is a biological drug. So I will have the first three injections in cycle no. 2, followed by 14 subsequent injections over the next year.

While I am on Herceptin, I will also have radiation done. It will be after the cycles of chemo and then I will probably have about a month off to recover from that, and then I will start the radiation. I will need between 17 and 25 radiation treatments, but that will be determined later on... so that will be kind of hard to be away from the babes and my man for 5 weeks. It will just make the visiting times that much more meaningful though... but I am sure I will cry a lot and miss them a ton! Hopefully they will want me to come back! LOL (inserted with snivelling and a little tear) Who will make their cakes??! And I am also good at getting shart stains out of underwear... well honestly, if it is too bad I just chuck them.

ANYWAYS!!!! So after all of our joking around during the vid. conference I apologized (odd, I never do that) for being a bit weird and the OC said with a completely straight face, "No, you guys are fun." Monotone... could have fooled us! I would have bought anything the OC was selling because I would have believed this person or totally afraid of doing something wrong! ;) Again I stress, nice person though, and I am thankful for their insight into what needs to be done in my life.... truly! And first impressions don't always mean the person is a certain way.

I PROMISE I will have some pic's tomorrow. I want to show you what the creepy portacath looks like. Yay, more lumpy. I am lumpy, bumpy and flat in ALL the wrong places!!


  1. Is the chemo done there in Cranbrook? Do you know where you have to go for the radiation? We will be praying that the spots are nothing to worry about too. Love you.

  2. I too, will be praying that the spots are NOT cancer!!! I love that you manage to crack me up with your humour while I'm reading your blog. And, at the same time, I'm choked up because I hate that you're having to go through this!!! Sending lots of Love your way. Please give your Mom and yourself big "Happy Mother's Day" hugs from me!!!
    Love, Linda xoxoxo <3

  3. I could just say 'ditto' to both of the previous blogs. I have the same questions as Nancy, and the same feelings as both Nancy and Linda.

  4. I have the same questions as Nancy! I too hope that those spots are nothing to worry about!! We are praying for you always! Love you!