Saturday, May 7, 2011

Surgery yesterday.

Yesterday I had the portacath put in. I don't think I was in very long. I was in about 1:10pm and back into day surgery by 3-3:15pm for sure. So I breezed through recovery I guess. I do remember being there. And funny thing is, even half sedated I still talk my face off! Poor nurses.

It was easier this time to wake up I think. Probably because I wasn't out as long as I was when I had the mastectomy. I know in the grand scheme of things that wasn't even a "long" surgery, but in comparison to the two I have had it was long(er). 2/2 of not barfing either!! I don't know what they gave me but it must have worked... maybe it was nothing and it was all in my head, but I don't' care, I was ok!

I remember the anesthetist talking to me, calling my name and asking me things... I don't remember what though. My throat was killing me this time when I woke up, and it still hurts. I feel like I am getting a wicked cold but I know I am not, it's just from the tube.

This surgery hurts a bit more in comparison to the mastectomy. Let me explain. Where the breast was taken off, all of that area is numb. I still can't feel it. So that helped immensely with the pain in that area. On the flip side, the armpit hurt the worst. But it didn't hurt really badly for a few days, maybe 4-5, then I felt the full effect of that. With this, I felt it right away. It hurts to move my arm in certain directions, and I can't lift anything too heavy now on my right side. Just for a bit. But I think by day 4-5 with this surgery it will feel better. At least it won't be as long as the axilla (armpit. I have learned a few things along the way... not much but a little.) recovery... at all! It is funny that my "bad side" right now is my good side but it still hurts. I am just thankful that I didn't have a double mastectomy right away. I can deal with the other one later if needs be!

I don't have a really great pic because I am bandaged up. I can get a better shot in a few days when I can take the dressing off.

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  1. I'm interested to see what it looks like. Did they say that you won't feel it in you after awhile?