Tuesday, May 10, 2011

My port.

The portacath is healing up really well I think. I had Ken take the dressing off of it yesterday and he pulled off the steri-tape with it. I was freaking out a bit because I was worried that the incision would open up and then I would probably pass out. So Ken, what a sweet guy, put some waterproof bandaids in it for me. I will pull them off maybe Thursday at chemo??? Not sure.

It doesn't look like much but it is sensitive that's for sure. And I would say for sure that it is nothing in comparison to having the mastectomy. LOL I knew I would feel differently about it after a few days.

Last night Ken slept with Wyatt in our bed just to have a sleepover. When I went to bed I was all snuggled in with them but then decided to sleep somewhere where I would be more comfortable. First of all, I usually sleep on my stomach. Well having a boob cut off changed that for me. So I was sleeping (finally!) very comfortably on my right side. Having the port put in changed that so last night I slept in the lazy boy... it was comfy.

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