Tuesday, May 3, 2011

TMI - sorry... kinda.

I seem to be healing quite well. I finally took the tape off a few days ago... almost a week ago now I guess. Did I already tell you that? Anyways, when I took it off, got out of the shower and looked at it and almost freaked out. Honestly, it looked like freakin' turkey skin. You know when you put it in the sink and thaw it out and it is pale and wrinkly and gross... well, that was my non-boob. Mom even agreed with me!

The other weird thing that has been happening is, and this is SO GROSS (to me), I am itchy from the inside out. I originally thought that it was the surface of the scar that was itchy so I would rub it with my sleeve or something as I was not going to touch it with my hand. But, the area is still numb and I can't feel anything when I was scratching it and it did nothing, not a thing, to alleviate the itch. Thus drawing me to the conclusion that it is the inside of the scar healing. The stitches were all on the inside, so I guess it makes some sick sense!

I am also VERY sensitive to being cold now. When I do get cold, my arm hurts, well I guess it is the goose bumps on my arm that hurt. The rest of my body might not get goose bumps, but my arm does and it is weird. Also, my nip turns into a smartie. Very weird considering that I don't have one anymore!!! All the fun things that I am finding out. At least they still make us laugh. We get a kick out of some things, like how well you can see my muscle move when I flex. Now I know why guys are so mesmerized by their own peck flexing fixation... just kidding, I still don't think it is that great!


  1. Your writing is so descriptive! I sometimes giggle at the pictures I'm visualizing. I love the way you can find humor in all of life's situations. I hope you never lose that beautiful quality.

  2. Hey geneva just so you know my arm still itches from the inside out a year later and is still numb and shoots weird lightning pains some times too. but lol at your discripttion , And your friend is a true friend enjoy your earth angels. they will get you through the poop.. Later lv trina

  3. I know that itchy from the inside feeling. A few weeks after my excision the scar was so itchy...but scratching did nothing to help, and made it hurt. I did find that rubbing it soothed it - it still feels that way sometimes (been 15 months)...I just rub in some body butter or something and it helps to get rid of the itchy feeling.