Sunday, June 5, 2011

Foggy minded...

I wish it was my cake blog that was gaining entries but it isn't. But I look forward to when I will be able to have the energy to do cakes again. I really miss it... I crave that creative feeling. I also crave rest right now so whatever, I need to do what's best.

So I haven't barfed this time, but I feel crappier I think. I can deal with the nausea, but it didn't last as long as this last time. Maybe it did but I just can't remember. I am really tired and have not had trouble resting. We have been so blessed this past week to have Mom and Dad Atwood here. They have let me sleep in, got up with the kids, got W to school, entertained the kids through the day, made meals, done laundry and tidied up the house. I honestly couldn't do this without the help of family. I don't know what I would do. None of the above. W would have probably started summer holidays already if it was up to me and we'd all be eating toast and applesauce or something like that.

I am finding that this cycle of chemo has taken a lot from my mind. I find myself stuttering and not being able to say the words that I am thinking about. I find it pretty frustrating. I am thankful for my half functioning brain at least. I can still communicate it just takes longer... maybe I will switch to pictures.

When we were away last week we waxed my head. I have never gone through so many hairstyles in such a short period of time. I feel bad for the little ones that don't recognize me as me. They are kinda stand-offish and unsure and I feel bad for that. At least my own still know it's Mommy, :) I just don't want to scare anyone like I do myself every once in a while! It is just weird. I just don't look like me. But that will come back.

Enough babbling. Sorry for this random post. I just thought I would write down a few things but now I am having hot flashes again and I feel kinda sick so I am going to run and have another - I will give you ONE guess!!!!

Thanks for all your encouragement!


  1. My gramma said she lost all taste, and felt like she had been hit by a truck. so that might be where your at... I am sorry!
    I wonder if it's like the flu and if you puke you feel a bit better...
    Good luck my friend! Love you!

  2. go team geneva . thinking of you and i know it's hard some days and you just want to get off the ride you are on and just not play the stupid cancer game. But you are fighting the cancer monster and you will win cause you have your great attitude and your team geneva behind you . lv trina

  3. Hope the effects of this round clear up soon, Geneva!! You're a real trooper!! I'm sure you're not scary to the little ones.....they just have to know that it's you. I changed my hairstyle when Stefanie was little and she didn't know who I was for a while. They get over it quickly.
    Keep your spirits up and kick this cancer in the butt!!! Love you!!
    Love, Linda xoxoxo <3

  4. keep it up G!!! support and love coming from this way ;)